Cream jars

Our ointment jars are available in two sizes, 3 ml or 5 ml, and are versatile. You can of course use them for ointment, but who has eighty different types of ointment? No, this collection of brightly colored ointment jars begs for creative applications. What that will be, we leave to you. Read more...

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Various creative applications

The number and small dimensions of the ointment jars stimulate creativity. Therefore, the number of applications is huge. Of course you can use the ointment jars for storing and transporting samples, small screws or colored sand, but there are many other options. Which are those? A few are listed below, but you can of course come up with your own applications.

Each jar of ointment a pixel?

One of these applications is to color the jars on the inside or outside with, for example, finger paint or poster paint and then nail them with the lids, tightly next to each other, against a surface. Due to the small size, the colored jars act like the pixels of a computer screen and you can create an image from the different colored ointment jars.

Drug dispenser

You can of course use our ointment jars as a medicine dispenser. All you have to do is write your name, the name of the day and the time of intake on the lid with a marker and you are assured of the right medicines all week.

Diamond Painting stones

Our ointment jars are extremely suitable for storing the color stones of Daimond Painting. With three or four sets of our ointment jars you have created sufficient storage space for your entire collection of Daimond Painting stones. Diamond Painting has become extremely popular in recent years. More and more people are practicing this relaxing hobby. In principle, Diamond Painting can be compared to painting, but instead of paint, colored plastic stones are used that are stuck on an adhesive layer. To be able to save the image, the stones are also glued together. There are several reasons for the success of Diamond Painting. One of them is the large number of different colors of the plastic pebbles. There are more than 200 different colors and color nuances available. The color stones are small, about 2.5 millimeters, so the results of Diamond Painting from a distance are astonishingly detailed. This also explains that many Diamond Painting practitioners convert private photos of their family into diamond paintings and because the color quality of the stones is extremely good, the images created retain their colors well over the years.