Extra long HSS metal drills

Contrary to what the name suggests, you can use HSS metal drills not only to drill holes in metal, but also in wood and plastics. They are real all-rounders that can be used for various applications. As a handyman, you only need one set of drills. So if you sometimes drill in wood, sometimes in metal and sometimes in plastic, these HSS metal drills are the right choice. Read more...

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How do you recognize HSS metal drills?

A metal drill is characterized by the sharp point and the equal diameter over the entire length of the drill. The drill point with this type of drill is usually sharpened with an angle of 118 degrees. Thanks to this drill angle you can be sure of a good removal of metal scraps while, on the other hand, the drill is still easy to place.

Frictional heat

The abbreviation HSS that you often hear in combination with metal drills, stands for High Speed ​​Steel. This indicates that these drills function best at high speeds. This high number of revolutions creates friction with the metal, which can cause the metal and the drill itself to glow red. That is usually not a problem, HSS metal drills are made for that and in general it will not reduce the drilling performance. Nevertheless, it is often recommended to cool the drill and the metal with drilling oil with these metal drills. The use of drilling oil has the advantage that the frictional heat decreases as a result. This is especially nice when drilling in stainless steel (stainless steel), because this material actually becomes harder when the temperature increases. One of the problems with drilling in metal is that it is often difficult to keep the drill tip stable where the hole is to be drilled. For the best drilling result, without all kinds of annoying scratches, you can first make a small hole in the metal with a punch, center punch or with a simple nail. If you want to make a large diameter hole, it may be best to drill a much smaller diameter hole first to allow for stable positioning of the drill.

Different diameters extra long HSS metal drills

In our range you will find metal drills with different diameters that are supplied per set. Some sets consist of metal drill bits of the same length and diameter, while other sets consist of metal drill bits with varying diameters. So whatever you are looking for, you will certainly succeed here.