Our handles are designed for attaching to cabinet doors and drawers. To make it easier to open, but also for decoration. Most handles that we sell consist of metal, for example steel or a metal alloy such as aluminum. In addition, a large part of the range of handles is made of leather, the most popular handle at the moment is the leather loop with shiny metal button. Actually, all handles that we sell have a robust / industrial touch. Most of our customers buy our handles because they are looking for a new look for their furniture and sometimes even because they are making their own cupboard. The handles are provided with mounting material, such as the necessary screws or bolts. Read more...

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Which handle is the right choice?

Style choice isn't the only consideration when purchasing handles. The material you choose will also have an impact on the overall look and feel of the furniture. We offer a range of different colors such as chrome, brass or brushed steel, bronze, gold or silver. Some materials suit certain countertops and cabinets better than others. To give an example: Shiny metal handles are best for high-gloss cabinets and worktops. Traditional wooden kitchens, on the other hand, go well with ceramic or natural handles.