Shelf supports

With shelf supports you create extra storage space and that is always welcome. An easy way to do this is to mount shelf supports to the wall and provide them with shelves. In the overview below you will find both fixed and folding shelf supports. The folding shelf supports are especially useful for varying storage needs. Read more...

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Create extra storage space with shelf supports

Another way to meet the demand for additional storage space is to manufacture a cupboard with several shelves, to support the shelves in this cupboard, we supply small shelf supports made of metal or sturdy plastic.

It's a common human trait to accumulate more stuff over the years. As a result, even the most spacious house will be full at some point. Of course, moving is a solution, because all items must be packed prior to the move, and during that process all items are spontaneously separated into useful and useless items. The useful items can be put in the removal van and the unnecessary items can be transported in the trailer to the recycling center. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to move every time with a lack of storage space and then there is only one option left: to create extra storage space.

You can easily create extra storage space yourself by using shelves. All you need are sturdy shelf supports. You can choose between the collapsible or fixed version. You mount them against the wall and provide them with a shelf of a material of your choice.

MDF planks are of course very common, but pine planks are also a very nice choice. In sheds and other places where appearance is less important and moisture is a problem, underlayment or waterproof plywood, or concrete plywood, can also be used as material for the planks.

Make your own cupboard with shelf supports

Of course, a cupboard with shelves is also a great solution to satisfy the ever-growing hunger for storage space. You can of course support the shelves in the cupboard with shelf supports, but it is more common to use small metal or plastic cupboard shelf supports. In order to be able to use these cupboard shelf supports, various holes of 5 or 6 millimeters must be milled into the inside of the cupboard, depending on the dimensions of the chosen shelf support. With a single tap of the hammer you can then tap the carriers into holes milled out in the cabinet. Four shelf supports are enough to carry one shelf.