Screw hooks

Screw hooks are extremely everyday objects, but no less useful for hanging paintings, photos and posters. In fact, screw hooks are indispensable for this. Drill a hole in the wall or ceiling, plug in, screw in screw hook and hang your painting, it's that easy. But there are many more situations where you can use screw hooks. Read more...

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Screw hooks to make the most of the space

The nice thing about screw hooks is that you find them everywhere. Of course when hanging paintings, photos and posters, but also when hanging lamps, pots with plants or for hanging coats. In the shed or garage you can also use the walls and ceiling with screw hooks to hang things up and thus make optimal use of the available space.

A lifetime supply of screw hooks

Indispensable for anyone who sometimes needs to hang something is our range of small screw hooks in a storage box. This storage box contains 302 different screw hooks and screw eyes. This is enough for most people to never have to buy screw hooks again. Moreover, with this range you are prepared for any hanging job. And if the box of one of the screw hook sizes is empty, you can simply buy new ones for that size and keep them in the box. In short, order this range, put it in your toolbox and you are always prepared. In addition, you will also find a storage box with 112 screw hooks and screw eyes in our range. A great choice if you only work in your own home and want to be prepared for anything.

With screw hooks you can store things above your head

In addition to the regular, small screw hooks in assortment boxes, we also supply specific screw hooks in special designs. We supply sets of large, red screw hooks with a length of 14.5 centimeters. These hooks have a red rubber coating so that the object you hang will not be scratched. Perfect for hanging bicycles or ladders from the ceiling of your shed or garage.

Clothes hooks for children

We also supply slightly smaller screw hooks, with a total length of 7 centimeters. These screw hooks are also provided with a rubber protective layer in the colors red, white, yellow and blue. These screw hooks can be used in the garage or shed for hanging tools, but they are also used indoors. For example, as clothes hooks in the hall on which children can hang their coats. This way you can make your own clothes hook for each child in his or her favorite color.