For seriously accurate and precise work in your hobby or work, you are looking for syringes with which you can dose exactly. You want to know exactly how many ml is being injected. Our syringes are perfectly suitable for sucking up and dosing water, paint or for oil or other chemical liquids. The dosing syringes are designed for multiple use. You can accurately mix paint with it, making them extremely useful for your hobby or work. Consider, for example, the dosed addition of certain liquids to your aquarium. The Wood, Tools & Deco dosing syringes are of high quality. The transparent housing with the smart graduation ensures that the amount of the liquid can be read perfectly. Suitable for enthusiasts and professionals. Read more...

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Universal dosing syringes

Our dosing syringes are all equipped with a universal Luer connection. The syringes have a flexible plunger for accurate dosing, an eccentric cone and a clear graduation in ml. A dosing syringe is many times more accurate than a dosing cap and easier to handle. Taking samples of liquids, for example to determine the water quality of your pond or aquarium, can also be perfectly achieved with the dosing syringes. The material of the syringes does not affect the water quality and the syringes are individually and sterile packaged.

Use dosing syringes for your hobby

When it is all about sucking up and injecting exact amounts of fluids use syringes from Wood, Tools & Deco. Dosing syringes are widely used in electronics, model making, jewelry making and various other crafts.

Which dosing syringe do you need?

Dosing syringes are available in various sizes, thicknesses and materials. Below is an overview of the options:

  • 2 ml - transparent / blue - per 100 pieces
  • 5 ml - transparent / blue - per 100 pieces
  • 10 ml - transparent / blue - per 100 pieces
  • 20 ml - transparent / blue - per 50 pieces
  • 20 ml - transparent / white - per 50 pieces
  • 50 ml - transparent / white - per 10 pieces

With a small syringe of for example 2 ml you can build up more pressure than with a syringe with a capacity of 10 ml. Good to know, because pressure is force per surface. Because you apply equal pressure on a smaller surface, the liquid will come out with more force.

Dispensing syringes with Luer-lock

The smaller your object, the smaller the syringe. All Wood, Tools & Deco dosing syringes are suitable for many uses. The syringes all have a universal Luer connection. This Luer connection, or Luer lock, is a worldwide standardized system and creates a leak-proof connection between two parts to be connected together. This is mainly found in medical instruments and in laboratory use. Very important if you don't want to mess with your paint or other chemical liquid. In addition, the dosing syringes have a flexible plunger for accurate dosing, an eccentric cone and a graduation in milliliters (ml).

Frequently asked questions

What is a syringe?
A dosing syringe draws up and/or injects liquid. The graduation is indicated in ml on the dosing syringe. This way you can spray exactly the amount you need. For example, a dosing syringe can be used when mixing different colors of paint.

When can you use a syringe?
For an accurate measurement of a small volume, a dosing syringe is often very suitable. This is useful for sucking up and spraying water, paint and for oil or other chemical liquids. The dosing syringes are suitable for multiple use. View our dosing syringes here: dosing syringes