Glass bottles

For many people glass is an irresistible material: the way light refracts in glass, the wonder of the transparency of the material as congealed water and a shine comparable to gemstones. Over the centuries, glass has always been considered a special material and these sets of little brown bottles are really cute. They are real gadgets that require a creative application. It doesn't matter what you're going to use these small brown glass bottles for, just don't leave them! Read more...

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Small glass bottles with olive oil specialties

These sealable bottles are ideal for storing your own olive oil specialties, giving away your homemade eggnog or as a striking flower vase.

More and more people are making their own olive oil specialties. This way you always have the right amount of olive oil available to use as a dressing for your salad. And making olive oil specialties is not difficult at all.

For example, olive oil with a chili flavor is easy to make by frying chili peppers for a while and then letting it cool and cutting into strips. Then sterilize the bottles and caps by boiling them for fifteen minutes. Then let them cool down for a while, upside down on a clean tea towel. Once they have cooled for 15 minutes, put the chili strips in the bottle and fill the bottle with the olive oil, without touching the ingredients with your hands. After a week or two you will have delicious olive oil with a chili flavor. Or do you prefer oil with basil, garlic or lemon flavour?

A field bouquet in small brown glass bottles

It is also very nice to use the bottles as a vase for a single flower from a field bouquet. By placing a flower in each of the water-filled bottles, a beautiful, varied bouquet is created. You can easily remove spent flowers by removing bottles. This is a wonderful application, especially for a bouquet of wild flowers. You've never seen something so elegant as a few stems of cow parsley in these brown bottles!

Glass bottles as gift wrapping

The bottles can also be filled with homemade eggnog. Even then it is wise to sterilize the bottles in advance. Your popularity will immediately increase when you hand out the bottles to visitors. Especially if you write a thank you on the label.