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Get to work with neodymium magnets and make your own equipment! Go treasure hunt with our fantastic magnetic hooks or quickly hang important notes on the message board in your office with the whiteboard magnets from Wood, Tools & Deco. Ordering rugged magnetic hooks online is easy in our well-organized webshop and you can quickly hang up your jacket, bag, bathrobe or robe neatly. The strong hooks made of neodymium and steel can also be placed under a metal surface. Cheerful emoticons fridge magnets with which you can stick cute bills or other cute writings on the fridge door. Or just for fun. In addition, our interesting range includes the very strong N35 NiCuNi neodymium magnets to replace other magnets or to use in your own project. These magnets have a special cylindrical shape. Read more...

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How often does it happen that all kinds of metal objects get stuck to the tweezers or screwdriver? Those tweezers will have become magnetic for whatever reason. You want to remove that magnetic force? This can be done by demagnetizing it with a special demagnetizer. Without using electric current. So you can use all your tools without all kinds of screws, bolts, nuts or nails sticking to them.

Magnetic hooks in different sizes

You can use our magnetic hooks to hang different things from it by attaching it on or under a metal surface. You can also attach a rope to the hook and use it as a fishing rod to retrieve a lost key bunch from a well or any other metal object from somewhere. The hook magnets each have a certain pulling force and can lift and hold light to very heavy objects. Below the specifications:

  • Size 1 - tensile force 0.75 kilo
  • Size 2 - tensile force 1 kilo
  • Size 3 - tensile force 2 kilos
  • Size 4 - tensile force 3 kilo
  • Size 5 - tensile force 8 kilos
  • Size 6 - tensile force 11 kilos
  • Size 7 - tensile force 14 kilos
  • Size 8 - tensile force 23 kilos
  • Size 9 - tensile force 27 kilos
  • Size 10 - tensile force 38 kilos
  • Size 11 - tensile force 55 kilos!

Kinds of magnets

Do you use magnets for your hobby, for your new exciting project to build your own equipment or to hang up an object? At Wood, Tools & Deco a large number of magnets are available. Ordering magnets in our webshop is very easy. The overview below gives you a clear picture of which magnets we sell and what they are suitable for:

  • Silver neodymium magnets for your hobby and building your own equipment
  • Very strong cylinder magnets as a replacement and suitable for self-assembly
  • Magnetic hooks to hang or fetch something
  • Whiteboard magnets
  • Refrigerator magnets
  • Demagnetizers