Suction cups

So easy! Just stick a suction cup with a hook on the smooth tiles in the kitchen and you can neatly hang up your towel. The same goes for the tea towel and the glass towel. In the bathroom the use of a suction cup is useful for the bathrobe. In the nursery for those cute little clothes of your kids. In addition we offer rubber suction cups with a threaded end. These can be used on any smooth surface such as glass, ceramic, metal or plastic. This makes them suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom and office. The fine thing about suction cups is that they are easy to assemble without damaging the surface. Read more...

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The suction cups that we offer

  • Suction cups with plastic hook
  • Suction cups with metal hook
  • Suction cups with metal ring
  • Suction cups with drawbar eye
  • Suction cups with threaded end
  • Suction cups with hole
  • Double sided suction cups

Suitable for flat surfaces

Suction cups can be applied on any surface that is very smooth, think of glass, ceramic tiles, or metal. This makes them convenient to use in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and office. They are easy to install without damaging the surface. Of course, suction cups are not meant to fall down. The reason why this sometimes happens is almost always the same: the surface is not smooth enough so that air slowly creeps underneath.