Our lamps are for professionals, for creatives, creative professionals and professional creatives. We have professional lighting for under your carport, in your shed or garage, but also LED lighting cords to build in for surprising, creative effects. We offer night lights for the children's room, but also security lamps with a hidden camera. In short, if you're looking for lighting, you've come to the right place. Read more...

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Lighting for workspaces

In your garage or shed you do not need beautifully designed lamps and a sophisticated lighting plan. No, you need an overview in your shed, so that you don't bump into anything and you can move freely. You want bright light that reaches all the corners of your workspace. Because in your shed you want to plan, sand, drill, paint and much more and of course you are looking for lamps that can take a beating. That is why you will find several sturdy, practical lamps in our lamp range that are made to produce a lot of light and that will not break if you accidentally bump into them while working. These industrial lamps are not made for decoration, although it is not forbidden to find them beautiful, but purely functional. If desired, you can also hang them outside, because they are splash-proof. Do you want stronger lighting for a dark corner? Then you will find special LED construction lights on batteries in our range. Very handy if you need a strong lamp in the garden or at the campsite, but also nice to use in your workshop as an extra light source.

Lighting and lamps for creative applications

LED lighting strips are the trend of the moment. They are built in everywhere for a nice visual effect. You can use them, for example, for indirect lighting of stairs, in the ceiling, in the bathroom or under your bed. There are countless applications for these lighting strips. And to make it even more fun, we also supply them in various colors. So do you want red, indirect lighting in your black bathroom? Or would you prefer cool blue in your white bedroom? The possibilities are endless!

Night lights

Anyone who used to lie in your bedroom at night in a scary and frightened way, remembers it: night lights. These are the weak light sources that your parents plugged into the socket, so that after a few minutes your eyes were used to the minimal light, you could still see your surroundings. This way you knew you were in a familiar environment and you could fall asleep with peace of mind. These night lights still exist, but now they have become much more beautiful. They are still plugged directly into the socket, but now the contours of the socket glow in the dark with a faint glow. With such soothing night lighting, you would almost wish you were young again and could go to bed anxious!


We also have various solutions in our lamp range for security applications. For example, a lamp that reacts to a motion sensor. Very effective against criminals who like to carry out their activities in the dark, away from prying eyes. In our range you will even find a lamp with a built-in widescreen camera that switches on as soon as the sensor detects a movement and transmits the images to your mobile phone.