• <p>When you need DC voltage for a device, you can use an adapter to convert the AC power from the wall socket to DC voltage. It is essential that such an adapter is safe. Because when converting from alternating current to direct current, an excessive amount of heat can be generated if incorrectly applied. It will not be the first time that an incorrectly applied adapter has caused a fire. Below you will find a number of secure adapters that can be used flexibly. ##</p> <h2>Direct Current</h2> <p>Many devices, especially in the car, caravan and motorhome, but also on pleasure boats, work on a DC voltage of 12 Volts. Direct current (DC) is a safe and simple form of electricity. It can be easily generated with a battery. The voltage level of 12 Volt was not chosen by chance, because such a low voltage is relatively safe. An accident with this voltage is usually not fatal, as long as the capacity of the battery is not too high. Although this will be little comfort for anyone who has accidentally touched the red clamp of the battery charger with one hand while the other hand touched the body.</p> <h2>Alternating current</h2> <p>Alternate Current (AC), on the other hand, is very suitable for transferring power and is also excellent for transporting over longer distances. That is why most home-garden-and-kitchen electrical appliances operate on AC power from the wall socket.</p> <h2>Two separate worlds</h2> <p>In general, we usually find direct current in mobile applications such as in cars, boats and RVs and we find alternating current in homes, offices and factories. They are really two separate worlds, but sometimes the world of direct current and the world of alternating current meet and alternating current from the wall outlet must be converted to direct current. For example if you want to use equipment from a car or caravan at home. Then it is nice if you can rely on our safe and reliable adapters. In addition to our safe and flexible adapters, our range also includes dimmers that are ideally suited for dimming lamps, but also a separate plug with a safety light that you can connect to an electrical device yourself.</p>
  • <p>Thanks to batteries, we are independent of our location and we are able to use appliances and lighting everywhere. Due to the availability of batteries, more and more fun, interesting and useful applications are becoming available, both indoors and outdoors. Do you have a creative idea for which you need batteries? With us you will find batteries for almost every hobby or profession. One of the advantages of ordering them here is that you can have them at home tomorrow.##</p> <h2>Batteries and the environment</h2> <p>Batteries are handy, but also environmentally harmful. Especially when batteries end up in the environment, they are extremely harmful. The heavy metals in the batteries can eventually lead to health damage for humans and animals. That is why it is important to separate <strong>batteries</strong> after use. Then they are almost completely recycled. This saves raw materials, energy and ultimately you also help the environment. In addition to various types of batteries at favorable prices, you will also find battery testers and an LCD multimeter above.</p> <h2>Battery testers</h2> <p>In almost every home there is a special place where batteries are kept. Very practical, because that way you know where to go when you need batteries. The question is, of course, how old are the batteries that are stored there, because batteries from the store that are still in the packaging can also be empty. You can then try them out one by one in the device, but it is even more convenient to test them with a battery tester. You can't beat it for the price. In our range you will find various handy battery testers. Think about which batteries you want to test and choose the corresponding tester! Because usually you need a different battery tester for small button batteries that are used in, for example, hearing aids, watches and kitchen scales than for larger <strong>batteries</strong>.</p> <h2>LCD Multimeter</h2> <p>If you ever work with electrical wiring in the house, this multimeter is an indispensable accessory. The device is perfect for quickly reading which wire is live and you can also find out how each electrical wire runs thanks to the resistance meter option. In addition, this multimeter is small and light, making it easy to take it anywhere.</p>
  • <p>With the inexpensive and easy-to-install <strong>hygrometers</strong> on this page, you can quickly monitor the indoor climate in your bedroom, living room, utility room or garage. This way you can see at a glance whether the humidity of a room falls within the margin of 40% to 60%. You will also find built-in <strong> thermometers </strong> here, including thermometers with a probe, specially designed to easily monitor the water temperature of your aquarium, for example.##</p> <h2>Hygrometers for a better indoor climate</h2> <p>Scientists have quite a few things to say about the average indoor climate in homes. Especially in winter people are much too sparing with ventilation, because they are afraid of high heating costs by letting in cold outside air. As a result, moisture, smoke and cooking odors accumulate. <br /><br /> Such a closed indoor climate is not healthy, not for adults, but certainly not for children who need healthy, fresh outside air. In addition, the accumulation of moist air makes it more difficult to heat the home. After all, moist air is more difficult to heat up than dry air. Finally, too high humidity contributes to mold growth. <br /><br /> For these reasons, it is not strange to set up a hygrometer, also known as a humidity meter, in your living room, in your shed or in a children's room. This way you can immediately see if the humidity is too high or too low. To make it even more beautiful, the hygrometers on this page not only show the humidity percentage, but also the temperature. This way you know everything about the indoor climate at a glance. The ideal humidity in a home with a temperature of 21 degrees should be between 40% and 60%. <br /> So, do you want a built-in hygrometer? Then we have the ideal instrument for you. Our hygrometers are easy to build in and very reliable. They are available in white and black and run on batteries, so no mains connection is required.</p> <h2>Recessed LED thermometer</h2> <p>In addition to built-in hygrometers, we also supply excellent battery-operated built-in LED thermometers, also in white and black. Perfect for measuring the temperature anytime, anywhere. Ideal for in the car, caravan or camper.</p> <h2>Thermometer with probe</h2> <p>We offer a handy thermometer with probe for anyone with an aquarium. By placing this probe in the aquarium you can read the water temperature at any time. Essential for an aquarium with tropical fish! But of course this thermometer with a range of -50 to 110 degrees, is also suitable for other, creative applications!</p>
  • <p>Our lamps are for professionals, for creatives, creative professionals and professional creatives. We have professional lighting for under your carport, in your shed or garage, but also LED lighting cords to build in for surprising, creative effects. We offer night lights for the children's room, but also security lamps with a hidden camera. In short, if you're looking for lighting, you've come to the right place.##</p> <h2>Lighting for workspaces</h2> <p>In your garage or shed you do not need beautifully designed lamps and a sophisticated lighting plan. No, you need an overview in your shed, so that you don't bump into anything and you can move freely. You want bright light that reaches all the corners of your workspace. Because in your shed you want to plan, sand, drill, paint and much more and of course you are looking for lamps that can take a beating. That is why you will find several sturdy, practical lamps in our lamp range that are made to produce a lot of light and that will not break if you accidentally bump into them while working. These industrial lamps are not made for decoration, although it is not forbidden to find them beautiful, but purely functional. If desired, you can also hang them outside, because they are splash-proof. Do you want stronger lighting for a dark corner? Then you will find special LED construction lights on batteries in our range. Very handy if you need a strong lamp in the garden or at the campsite, but also nice to use in your workshop as an extra light source.</p> <h2>Lighting and lamps for creative applications</h2> <p>LED lighting strips are the trend of the moment. They are built in everywhere for a nice visual effect. You can use them, for example, for indirect lighting of stairs, in the ceiling, in the bathroom or under your bed. There are countless applications for these lighting strips. And to make it even more fun, we also supply them in various colors. So do you want red, indirect lighting in your black bathroom? Or would you prefer cool blue in your white bedroom? The possibilities are endless!</p> <h2>Night lights</h2> <p>Anyone who used to lie in your bedroom at night in a scary and frightened way, remembers it: night lights. These are the weak light sources that your parents plugged into the socket, so that after a few minutes your eyes were used to the minimal light, you could still see your surroundings. This way you knew you were in a familiar environment and you could fall asleep with peace of mind. These night lights still exist, but now they have become much more beautiful. They are still plugged directly into the socket, but now the contours of the socket glow in the dark with a faint glow. With such soothing night lighting, you would almost wish you were young again and could go to bed anxious!</p> <h2>Security</h2> <p>We also have various solutions in our lamp range for security applications. For example, a lamp that reacts to a motion sensor. Very effective against criminals who like to carry out their activities in the dark, away from prying eyes. In our range you will even find a lamp with a built-in widescreen camera that switches on as soon as the sensor detects a movement and transmits the images to your mobile phone.</p>

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