Assortment boxes

Assortment boxes create order out of chaos. Our small assortment boxes are ideally suited for storing jewelry and other small items. Thanks to the flexible layout, you can give each piece of jewelry, whether it is valuable or not, its own place. This way you keep your belongings safe and prevent them from getting damaged.

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Assortment boxes for jewelery

Of course, the adage "Diamonds are a girls best friends" still applies, but it is only given to a few to collect this hard-hitting form of pure carbon in great numbers. From a distance, diamonds are almost indistinguishable from cut glass, which is many times cheaper and also easy to work with. In short, why put a lot of money and energy into collecting expensive jewelry when you can achieve the same bling factor with jewelry from the bijouterie around the corner? This way you can collect large numbers of cheaper rings, stud earrings, earrings and necklaces in no time, but then the next question arises: where do you keep all this jewelry? If you put everything in one box, they can damage each other and that is a shame, even if the separate pieces are not expensive. Apart from the fact that the individual pieces are difficult to find. You can also keep everything in its original packaging, but even then it is difficult to find your jewelry. In addition, it requires a lot of space.

Layout of assortment boxes

The solution is of course to use our assortment boxes. These are made of sturdy yet soft plastic, so you can safely store your jewelry in them. Because you can adjust the layout of the assortment boxes, you can flexibly make compartments for the various types of jewelry.


Do you find the completely transparent assortment boxes too simple? No problem, you can brighten them up by painting them in separate colors. For example, your earrings can be stored in green boxes and your bracelets in gold. In this way you can apply your own color system.

Versatile, flexible and practical assortment boxes

The ability to decorate the assortment boxes as you see fit also makes them a sought-after gift for girlfriends. For example, you can paint the assortment boxes on the outside and cover the inside with soft fabric to make very personalized jewelry boxes. In short, our assortment boxes are versatile, flexible and very practical whether you use them to store your jewelery or for something completely different. The choice is yours.