We offer a wide range of hinges for wooden boxes and crates, wooden cabinets, toys and furniture. Almost all hinges are supplied with corresponding screws. It is clearly indicated when this is not the case. Many hinges in the Wood, Tools & Deco range are perfect for kitchen doors, furniture doors and flaps. Read more...

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Several types of hinges at Wood, Tools & Deco

The possibilities at a glance:

  • Small metal hinges that do not open further than 90 degrees
  • Long metal hinges that do not open further than 90 degrees
  • Metal piano hinges
  • Plastic piano hinges
  • Mini iron hinges
  • Metal hinges, maximum opening of 180 degrees
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Very small metal hinges
  • Acrylate and PMMA transparent hinges
  • Hinges with an antique look
  • Case hinges
  • Invisible hinges
  • Construction cabinet hinges


Pick out the perfect hinge for the right job with Wood, Tools & Deco. We offer hinges for small toys, for mini boxes, hinges for kitchen cabinets and furniture. The long metal piano hinges are perfect for mounting large cabinet doors. There is a suitable hinge for every hobby. As you can see you can buy many types of hinges online. The traditional hinge with ball bearing is also in stock. Invisible hinges are also available, which are neatly built into the cabinet wall and the door. If you have any questions about hinges, please let us know by visiting our contact page