• <p>A <strong>gas spring</strong> or a gas spring is a perfect tool to open something easily or to close it slowly. Gas struts make it easy to open and close hatches and flaps. When the gas spring is mounted, it seems as if someone is helping you with opening and closing the hatch or cover.##A gas spring can be used perfectly if you want to make a conversion box for the wheelie bin yourself. Or with top cabinets with a flap that opens upwards and which are mounted above the kitchen cabinets. Many valve cabinets from kitchen manufacturers are equipped with a gas spring. A gas spring also comes in handy when making a toy box yourself! But gas springs can also be a godsend when cleaning dog houses, among other things. Mount two gas struts to the hinged lid and it will remain open at a 90-degree angle so that you can clean the loft unobstructed and freely.</p> <h2>What are gas springs and what are they made of?</h2> <p>Gas springs are cylinders with a piston and a piston rod. The mechanism works by means of nitrogen and oil. The built-up pressure in the gas spring causes a resilient effect and absorbs large forces. This makes it possible to use the gas spring in different environments. The gas springs from Wood, Tools &amp; Deco are made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel. All safe and sturdy materials. Nitrogen (N) is the gas contained in the spring. The use of nitrogen does not harm the environment or people.</p> <h2>Universal gas springs for all kinds of applications</h2> <p>Wood, Tools &amp; Deco has various options for you in the gas springs category. These gas springs are ideal for all kinds of do-it-yourself new construction projects or, for example, for a valve box or the lid of a cool pirate chest for the children or grandchildren. The gas springs are universal and can be mounted on various brands of cabinets and systems, metal or wood. The gas pressure spring has been specially developed to allow the open and slow and heavy closing of, for example, the lid of a toy box so that the children cannot hurt their fingers. The valve closes a lot quieter instead of closing with a loud bang. A few examples where a gas spring can be used:</p> <ul> <li>Lid of an upper cabinet</li> <li>Lid of a click</li> <li>Lid of a toy box</li> <li>Replacing window vent iron</li> <li>Pet night coop cover, convenient for cleaning</li> <li>Flaps of office cabinets</li> </ul> <h2>the assembly</h2> <p>One gas spring is sufficient for almost all valves, lids and doors. In principle, the gas spring is easy to mount, but the difference in distance between open and closed must be taken into account when mounting. Different degree angles to leave something open are also possible. The gas spring is also widely used to replace old window brackets, which makes installing a mosquito net much easier. The gas springs can be mounted on various surfaces, such as on a wooden and a metal surface.</p> <h2>Options and versions at Wood, Tools &amp; Deco</h2> <p>Various versions can be ordered online at Wood, Tools &amp; Deco:</p> <ul> <li>20N/2kg, 244mm</li> <li>40N/4kg, 244mm</li> <li>50N/5kg, 172mm</li> <li>50N/5kg, 244mm</li> <li>60N/6kg, 244mm</li> <li>80N/8kg, 244mm</li> <li>100N/10kg, 244mm</li> <li>120N/12kg, 244mm</li> <li>150N/15kg, 244mm</li> <li>200N/20kg, 258mm</li> <li>200N/20kg, 278mm</li> <li>250N/25kg, 350mm</li> <li>300N/30kg, 263mm</li> <li>350N/35kg, 490mm</li> <li>700N/70kg, 490mm</li> </ul> <p>And then also in different colors such as black, white and silver. The possibilities are enormous.</p> <h2>What does the N stand for in the type designation of the gas spring?</h2> <p>The N is Newton and stands for the unit of force. The unit Newton is defined as the force that gives a mass of 1 kilogram an acceleration of 1 meter per second². Here on earth, 1 kilogram experiences about 10 N (gravity) force. To see which one you need for your project, you can download the sheet with the models and dimensions of our gas springs <a class="mars-link" href="">HERE.<br /><br /></a></p>
  • <p>Our <strong>handles</strong> are designed for attaching to cabinet doors and drawers. To make it easier to open, but also for decoration. Most handles that we sell consist of metal, for example steel or a metal alloy such as aluminum. In addition, a large part of the range of handles is made of leather, the most popular handle at the moment is the leather loop with shiny metal button. Actually, all handles that we sell have a robust / industrial touch. Most of our customers buy our handles because they are looking for a new look for their furniture and sometimes even because they are making their own cupboard. The <strong>handles</strong> are provided with mounting material, such as the necessary screws or bolts. ##</p> <h2>Which handle is the right choice?</h2> <p>Style choice isn't the only consideration when purchasing handles. The material you choose will also have an impact on the overall look and feel of the furniture. We offer a range of different colors such as chrome, brass or brushed steel, bronze, gold or silver. Some materials suit certain countertops and cabinets better than others. To give an example: Shiny metal handles are best for high-gloss cabinets and worktops. Traditional wooden kitchens, on the other hand, go well with ceramic or natural handles.</p>
  • <p>With <strong>shelf supports</strong> you create extra storage space and that is always welcome. An easy way to do this is to mount shelf supports to the wall and provide them with shelves. In the overview below you will find both fixed and folding shelf supports. The folding shelf supports are especially useful for varying storage needs.##</p> <h2>Create extra storage space with shelf supports</h2> <p>Another way to meet the demand for additional storage space is to manufacture a cupboard with several shelves, to support the shelves in this cupboard, we supply small shelf supports made of metal or sturdy plastic. <br /><br />It's a common human trait to accumulate more stuff over the years. As a result, even the most spacious house will be full at some point. Of course, moving is a solution, because all items must be packed prior to the move, and during that process all items are spontaneously separated into useful and useless items. The useful items can be put in the removal van and the unnecessary items can be transported in the trailer to the recycling center. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to move every time with a lack of storage space and then there is only one option left: to create extra storage space. <br /><br /> You can easily create extra storage space yourself by using shelves. All you need are sturdy shelf supports. You can choose between the collapsible or fixed version. You mount them against the wall and provide them with a shelf of a material of your choice. <br /><br /> MDF planks are of course very common, but pine planks are also a very nice choice. In sheds and other places where appearance is less important and moisture is a problem, underlayment or waterproof plywood, or concrete plywood, can also be used as material for the planks.</p> <h2>Make your own cupboard with shelf supports</h2> <p>Of course, a cupboard with shelves is also a great solution to satisfy the ever-growing hunger for storage space. You can of course support the shelves in the cupboard with shelf supports, but it is more common to use small metal or plastic cupboard shelf supports. In order to be able to use these cupboard shelf supports, various holes of 5 or 6 millimeters must be milled into the inside of the cupboard, depending on the dimensions of the chosen shelf support. With a single tap of the hammer you can then tap the carriers into holes milled out in the cabinet. Four shelf supports are enough to carry one shelf.</p>
  • <p>We offer a wide range of hinges for wooden boxes and crates, wooden cabinets, toys and furniture. Almost all hinges are supplied with corresponding screws. It is clearly indicated when this is not the case. Many hinges in the Wood, Tools &amp; Deco range are perfect for kitchen doors, furniture doors and flaps.##</p> <h2>Several types of hinges at Wood, Tools &amp; Deco</h2> <p><br />The possibilities at a glance:</p> <ul> <li>Small metal hinges that do not open further than 90 degrees</li> <li>Long metal hinges that do not open further than 90 degrees</li> <li>Metal piano hinges</li> <li>Plastic piano hinges</li> <li>Mini iron hinges</li> <li>Metal hinges, maximum opening of 180 degrees</li> <li>Stainless steel hinges</li> <li>Very small metal hinges</li> <li>Acrylate and PMMA transparent hinges</li> <li>Hinges with an antique look</li> <li>Case hinges</li> <li>Invisible hinges</li> <li>Construction cabinet hinges</li> </ul> <h2>Applications</h2> <p>Pick out the perfect hinge for the right job with Wood, Tools &amp; Deco. We offer hinges for small toys, for mini boxes, hinges for kitchen cabinets and furniture. The long metal piano hinges are perfect for mounting large cabinet doors. There is a suitable hinge for every hobby. As you can see you can buy many types of hinges online. The traditional hinge with ball bearing is also in stock. Invisible hinges are also available, which are neatly built into the cabinet wall and the door. If you have any questions about hinges, please let us know by visiting our <a class="mars-link" href="">contact page</a></p>
  • <p>Box corners protect the corners of a box from damage. Conversely, the rounded box corners help prevent a collision with the corner of a box resulting in nasty injuries. Especially with children at home, it is recommended to use box corners to round off sharp furniture corners.##</p> <h2>Inferior wood</h2> <p>In a sense, box corners are an anachronism, a phenomenon from earlier times when wood of inferior quality was often used in the manufacture of furniture and boxes. The box corners reinforced the box or furniture, so that it would be less likely to lose weight when forces were exerted on it. A well-known image is also the suitcases from earlier times that were provided with box corners to strengthen them during ship and train journeys. The suitcases from that time were often made of thin materials, to make them somewhat portable. The disadvantage of this use of light materials was that the suitcases fell apart rather quickly during the journey. By using box corners on the corners of the case, there was a reasonable chance that the case would survive the journey.</p> <h2>Potato boxes with box corners</h2> <p>Incidentally, today box corners are still used in practice, for instance in the boxes in which, for example, potatoes or onions are transported and stored. Such a potato crate often contains more than a hundred kilos of potatoes and by reinforcing the corners of such a crate with crate corners, the crate can withstand the forces exerted well.</p> <h2>Give furniture a facelift with box corners</h2> <p>Today, box corners are mainly used to give furniture and home accessories a facelift. Reinforcing the corners with box corners gives the furniture exactly the look we like so much. Of course, the objects we provide with box corners do not always have to be made of wood. Box corners also go well with furniture or objects covered with fabric. You will find various box corners in our range. For example, we supply beautifully crafted bronze box corners that can be nailed to smaller objects. These box corners have a size of 2.4 x 3.6 centimeters. In addition to the bronze, processed box corners, we also supply smooth box corners with a size of 2.5 x 2.5 centimeters in the colors gold, silver, bronze and black.</p>


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