• Gas springs
    <p>Gas springs (gas struts) are used to make it easier to open a hatch for example (as if someone was helping with lifting). <br /> Are you planning to buy a gas spring? Our gas springs can be used universally and are mainly bought by people who, for example, make a box, a wheelie bin conversion or an attic hatch. All our gas springs come with matching brackets so that you can screw the gas spring to a wooden or metal base.##Gas springs consist of a cylinder and a piston. Gas in the cylinder provides a resilient effect when it is compressed. That gas is usually nitrogen gas. The movement is damped by a valve in the piston. A gas pressure spring is normally extended and to push the gas pressure spring in, a force is required. <br /> The opposite also exists, we call that a gas tension spring (we don't sell those). A gas tension spring requires force to extend it. The gas spring force is measured in Newtons. Normally, the force required to compress the spring is almost the same over the entire distance to be pressed.</p>
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