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The application possibilities of photo holders are of course endless. Whether they are used to determine the table arrangement at the dinner table, as a handy book or to create a corner with personal photos. Our photo/card holders can be used in many different ways!

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Photo / card holders on the dining table

Photo/card holders always come in handy. For example, you can use card holders to show the guests their place at a festively set table. Is the setting very formal? Then a card holder can also be used to display the menu. But of course there are many more creative applications for the photo/card holders in our range.

Photo/card holders in the hall or living room

This way you can place the photos from your childhood in the holders and display them festively in your hall or living room. Photos of your partner, children or parents can also be displayed in this way. Either way, such a personal touch instantly breaks the ice. In the same way, card holders can of course be used for displaying birthday cards or Christmas cards.

Photo / card holders as handyman book?

A practical application of cardholders is to put notes on them with tasks to be performed. Because in every household there are chores that need to be done. By briefly describing these jobs on a note and sticking this note on a card holder, you create a job list for yourself and for your housemates. Especially in a family with young children, this is the perfect way to let children participate in the activities that belong to the household. Not only will you train them for later life, but successfully performing chores will increase their self-confidence. To motivate them even further, you can also mention on the note the reward for the job done, such as a treat or privilege. In this way you build the skills of your children in a playful way. Finally, such a job book has the great advantage that you will never forget a job again: you write the job directly on a card as soon as you think of it and put this card directly on the card holder.