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With the inexpensive and easy-to-install hygrometers on this page, you can quickly monitor the indoor climate in your bedroom, living room, utility room or garage. This way you can see at a glance whether the humidity of a room falls within the margin of 40% to 60%. You will also find built-in thermometers here, including thermometers with a probe, specially designed to easily monitor the water temperature of your aquarium, for example. Read more...

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Hygrometers for a better indoor climate

Scientists have quite a few things to say about the average indoor climate in homes. Especially in winter people are much too sparing with ventilation, because they are afraid of high heating costs by letting in cold outside air. As a result, moisture, smoke and cooking odors accumulate.

Such a closed indoor climate is not healthy, not for adults, but certainly not for children who need healthy, fresh outside air. In addition, the accumulation of moist air makes it more difficult to heat the home. After all, moist air is more difficult to heat up than dry air. Finally, too high humidity contributes to mold growth.

For these reasons, it is not strange to set up a hygrometer, also known as a humidity meter, in your living room, in your shed or in a children's room. This way you can immediately see if the humidity is too high or too low. To make it even more beautiful, the hygrometers on this page not only show the humidity percentage, but also the temperature. This way you know everything about the indoor climate at a glance. The ideal humidity in a home with a temperature of 21 degrees should be between 40% and 60%.
So, do you want a built-in hygrometer? Then we have the ideal instrument for you. Our hygrometers are easy to build in and very reliable. They are available in white and black and run on batteries, so no mains connection is required.

Recessed LED thermometer

In addition to built-in hygrometers, we also supply excellent battery-operated built-in LED thermometers, also in white and black. Perfect for measuring the temperature anytime, anywhere. Ideal for in the car, caravan or camper.

Thermometer with probe

We offer a handy thermometer with probe for anyone with an aquarium. By placing this probe in the aquarium you can read the water temperature at any time. Essential for an aquarium with tropical fish! But of course this thermometer with a range of -50 to 110 degrees, is also suitable for other, creative applications!