Shelf connectors

Shelf connectors are widely used in furniture manufacturing, assembling kitchens and bathrooms and of course in the wood processing industry. The widespread use of these useful tools is not without reason. Because shelf connectors are cheap and easy to use. This makes them indispensable when creating solid connections between various wooden parts, such as planks and beams. Whether installing a kitchen or bathroom or fabricating furniture, shelf connectors are everywhere. Read more...

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Shelf connectors: effective, reliable and cheap

The Wood, Tools and Deco range should not be missing: plank connectors in all shapes and sizes. The regular plank connectors are available in two variants. The main variant is the metal strip bent at right angles to be screwed against the inside or the outside of corners of a wooden construction, with the aim of improving the strength of the construction. In addition to the angled plank connectors, there are also horizontal plank connectors that ensure that different planks that are installed behind each other are connected firmly, stably and perpendicularly. Both variants have the advantage that they are easy to process, effective and relatively cheap. For every do-it-yourselfer or professional who wants to install a kitchen or renovate a bathroom, plank connectors are indispensable when it comes to sturdy, stable and reliable constructions that will last for years without any problems.

Minifix cabinet connectors

In addition to the angled and horizontal shelf connectors, our range also includes the well-known minifix cabinet connectors. These clever shelf connectors owe their fame mainly to the ubiquitous IKEA cabinets, in which they are frequently used. The advantage of minifix cabinet connectors, also known as elegant eccentric cabinet connectors, for IKEA is that with these connectors it is a breeze for the customer to assemble a cabinet. Because mounting with minifix cabinet connectors is quick and easy. An additional advantage for IKEA is that the customer does not need to have an extensive toolbox to complete the assembly job. More than the installation manual and a simple Phillips screwdriver is enough. Because these minifix cabinet connectors are now available in our range, you can now also use this smart, innovative way to make connections during your woodworking job.