Push pins

At Wood, Tools and Deco you have come to the right place if you are looking for thumbtacks. Our range consists of a wide range. We offer thumbtacks in different types, colors and sizes. In addition to the standard model, we also offer all kinds of nice thumbtacks. These are not only functional, but can also act as a piece of decoration. Ideal to brighten up the bulletin board in the kitchen, for example. Read more...

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Large numbers of thumbtacks and special shapes

We mainly offer large numbers. Are you a heavy user? Then take a look at our pushpin sets of 250 pieces. On others, thumbtacks often look dull, but our sets come in a variety of colors and shapes. We also offer special shapes. Think of thumbtacks in the shape of a macaron, a button, a bow, an ice cream and much more. This makes it a lot more fun to use!

How to use?

Thumbtacks are ideal for hanging paper on, for example, the bulletin board. But nowadays it can also be used for crafts or other hobby activities. At work, but certainly also at home. The pushpin remains a brilliant invention that we will use for a long time to come. Questions or remarks? Contact us.