• <p>Did you know: carpenter pencils are a type of pencil that is designed specifically for use in carpentry and other crafts. Unlike regular pencils, which are thin and cylindrical, carpenter pencils are larger and rectangular in shape. This allows them to be easily gripped and controlled for tasks that require precision and accuracy, such as marking lines on wood or other materials. Carpenter pencils are also made of harder graphite than regular pencils, so they can make more durable and long-lasting marks. Additionally, carpenter pencils are often equipped with sharpener blades built into the end, so that the pencil point can be quickly and easily reshaped as needed.</p>
  • <p>At Wood, Tools and Deco you have come to the right place if you are looking for thumbtacks. Our range consists of a wide range. We offer thumbtacks in different types, colors and sizes. In addition to the standard model, we also offer all kinds of nice thumbtacks. These are not only functional, but can also act as a piece of decoration. Ideal to brighten up the bulletin board in the kitchen, for example.##</p> <h2>Large numbers of thumbtacks and special shapes</h2> <p>We mainly offer large numbers. Are you a heavy user? Then take a look at our pushpin sets of 250 pieces. On others, thumbtacks often look dull, but our sets come in a variety of colors and shapes. We also offer special shapes. Think of thumbtacks in the shape of a macaron, a button, a bow, an ice cream and much more. This makes it a lot more fun to use!</p> <h2>How to use?</h2> <p>Thumbtacks are ideal for hanging paper on, for example, the bulletin board. But nowadays it can also be used for crafts or other hobby activities. At work, but certainly also at home. The pushpin remains a brilliant invention that we will use for a long time to come. Questions or remarks? <a href="">Contact us</a>.</p>
  • <p>Get to work with neodymium magnets and make your own equipment! Go treasure hunt with our fantastic magnetic hooks or quickly hang important notes on the message board in your office with the whiteboard magnets from Wood, Tools &amp; Deco. Ordering rugged magnetic hooks online is easy in our well-organized webshop and you can quickly hang up your jacket, bag, bathrobe or robe neatly. The strong hooks made of neodymium and steel can also be placed under a metal surface. Cheerful emoticons fridge magnets with which you can stick cute bills or other cute writings on the fridge door. Or just for fun. In addition, our interesting range includes the very strong N35 NiCuNi neodymium magnets to replace other magnets or to use in your own project. These magnets have a special cylindrical shape.##</p> <h2>Demagnetize</h2> <p>How often does it happen that all kinds of metal objects get stuck to the tweezers or screwdriver? Those tweezers will have become magnetic for whatever reason. You want to remove that magnetic force? This can be done by demagnetizing it with a special demagnetizer. Without using electric current. So you can use all your tools without all kinds of screws, bolts, nuts or nails sticking to them.</p> <h2>Magnetic hooks in different sizes</h2> <p>You can use our magnetic hooks to hang different things from it by attaching it on or under a metal surface. You can also attach a rope to the hook and use it as a fishing rod to retrieve a lost key bunch from a well or any other metal object from somewhere. The hook magnets each have a certain pulling force and can lift and hold light to very heavy objects. Below the specifications:</p> <ul> <li>Size 1 - tensile force 0.75 kilo</li> <li>Size 2 - tensile force 1 kilo</li> <li>Size 3 - tensile force 2 kilos</li> <li>Size 4 - tensile force 3 kilo</li> <li>Size 5 - tensile force 8 kilos</li> <li>Size 6 - tensile force 11 kilos</li> <li>Size 7 - tensile force 14 kilos</li> <li>Size 8 - tensile force 23 kilos</li> <li>Size 9 - tensile force 27 kilos</li> <li>Size 10 - tensile force 38 kilos</li> <li>Size 11 - tensile force 55 kilos!</li> </ul> <h2>Kinds of magnets</h2> <p>Do you use magnets for your hobby, for your new exciting project to build your own equipment or to hang up an object? At Wood, Tools &amp; Deco a large number of magnets are available. Ordering magnets in our webshop is very easy. The overview below gives you a clear picture of which magnets we sell and what they are suitable for:</p> <ul> <li>Silver neodymium magnets for your hobby and building your own equipment</li> <li>Very strong cylinder magnets as a replacement and suitable for self-assembly</li> <li>Magnetic hooks to hang or fetch something</li> <li>Whiteboard magnets</li> <li>Refrigerator magnets</li> <li>Demagnetizers</li> </ul>
  • <p>Pencil sharpeners are tools that are used to sharpen pencils. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be manual or electric. Manual pencil sharpeners typically have a crank or handle that is turned to sharpen the pencil, while electric pencil sharpeners use a battery or power cord to operate. Pencil sharpeners are commonly used by carpenters and other tradespeople, as well as by artists, students, and office workers. In carpentry, pencil sharpeners are used to ensure that pencils are sharp and ready for use when marking out measurements or making marks on wood.</p>
  • <p>The application possibilities of photo holders are of course endless. Whether they are used to determine the table arrangement at the dinner table, as a handy book or to create a corner with personal photos. Our photo/card holders can be used in many different ways!<br />##</p> <h2>Photo / card holders on the dining table</h2> <p>Photo/card holders always come in handy. For example, you can use card holders to show the guests their place at a festively set table. Is the setting very formal? Then a card holder can also be used to display the menu. But of course there are many more creative applications for the photo/card holders in our range.</p> <h2>Photo/card holders in the hall or living room</h2> <p>This way you can place the photos from your childhood in the holders and display them festively in your hall or living room. Photos of your partner, children or parents can also be displayed in this way. Either way, such a personal touch instantly breaks the ice. In the same way, card holders can of course be used for displaying birthday cards or Christmas cards.</p> <h2>Photo / card holders as handyman book?</h2> <p>A practical application of cardholders is to put notes on them with tasks to be performed. Because in every household there are chores that need to be done. By briefly describing these jobs on a note and sticking this note on a card holder, you create a job list for yourself and for your housemates. Especially in a family with young children, this is the perfect way to let children participate in the activities that belong to the household. Not only will you train them for later life, but successfully performing chores will increase their self-confidence. To motivate them even further, you can also mention on the note the reward for the job done, such as a treat or privilege. In this way you build the skills of your children in a playful way. Finally, such a job book has the great advantage that you will never forget a job again: you write the job directly on a card as soon as you think of it and put this card directly on the card holder.</p>
  • <p>Paper clips are small, bent pieces of wire that are used to hold sheets of paper together. They are a popular choice for fastening documents because they are inexpensive, easy to use, and do not damage the paper like staples or glue can. Paper clips come in various sizes and shapes, but the most common type is the "standard" paper clip, which has a smooth, curved shape.<br /><br />Memo pads, also known as notepads, are small notebooks with pages of paper that are used for writing notes or messages. They are typically small and portable, making them easy to carry around and use as needed. Memo pads often have a cover or backing to protect the pages and make them easier to write on. Some memo pads have pre-printed lines or grids on the pages to help with writing and organizing information. Memo pads are a common tool for taking notes in meetings, jotting down ideas, or recording information for later reference.</p>

Office supplies

Office supplies are items that are used in office environments to help with organizing, storing, and producing information. These supplies can include things like paper, pens, pencils, markers, staplers, scissors, and tape. They can also include more specialized items like envelopes, labels, and file folders. Office supplies are essential for any office, as they help to ensure that work can be completed efficiently and effectively. Some office supplies, like pens and pencils, are used for writing and drawing, while others, like staplers and scissors, are used for attaching or cutting documents. In addition to traditional office supplies, modern offices may also use a range of technology-based supplies, such as computers, printers, and scanners.

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