Gas springs

A gas spring or a gas spring is a perfect tool to open something easily or to close it slowly. Gas struts make it easy to open and close hatches and flaps. When the gas spring is mounted, it seems as if someone is helping you with opening and closing the hatch or cover. Read more...

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A gas spring can be used perfectly if you want to make a conversion box for the wheelie bin yourself. Or with top cabinets with a flap that opens upwards and which are mounted above the kitchen cabinets. Many valve cabinets from kitchen manufacturers are equipped with a gas spring. A gas spring also comes in handy when making a toy box yourself! But gas springs can also be a godsend when cleaning dog houses, among other things. Mount two gas struts to the hinged lid and it will remain open at a 90-degree angle so that you can clean the loft unobstructed and freely.

What are gas springs and what are they made of?

Gas springs are cylinders with a piston and a piston rod. The mechanism works by means of nitrogen and oil. The built-up pressure in the gas spring causes a resilient effect and absorbs large forces. This makes it possible to use the gas spring in different environments. The gas springs from Wood, Tools & Deco are made of steel, aluminum and stainless steel. All safe and sturdy materials. Nitrogen (N) is the gas contained in the spring. The use of nitrogen does not harm the environment or people.

Universal gas springs for all kinds of applications

Wood, Tools & Deco has various options for you in the gas springs category. These gas springs are ideal for all kinds of do-it-yourself new construction projects or, for example, for a valve box or the lid of a cool pirate chest for the children or grandchildren. The gas springs are universal and can be mounted on various brands of cabinets and systems, metal or wood. The gas pressure spring has been specially developed to allow the open and slow and heavy closing of, for example, the lid of a toy box so that the children cannot hurt their fingers. The valve closes a lot quieter instead of closing with a loud bang. A few examples where a gas spring can be used:

  • Lid of an upper cabinet
  • Lid of a click
  • Lid of a toy box
  • Replacing window vent iron
  • Pet night coop cover, convenient for cleaning
  • Flaps of office cabinets

the assembly

One gas spring is sufficient for almost all valves, lids and doors. In principle, the gas spring is easy to mount, but the difference in distance between open and closed must be taken into account when mounting. Different degree angles to leave something open are also possible. The gas spring is also widely used to replace old window brackets, which makes installing a mosquito net much easier. The gas springs can be mounted on various surfaces, such as on a wooden and a metal surface.

Options and versions at Wood, Tools & Deco

Various versions can be ordered online at Wood, Tools & Deco:

  • 20N/2kg, 244mm
  • 40N/4kg, 244mm
  • 50N/5kg, 172mm
  • 50N/5kg, 244mm
  • 60N/6kg, 244mm
  • 80N/8kg, 244mm
  • 100N/10kg, 244mm
  • 120N/12kg, 244mm
  • 150N/15kg, 244mm
  • 200N/20kg, 258mm
  • 200N/20kg, 278mm
  • 250N/25kg, 350mm
  • 300N/30kg, 263mm
  • 350N/35kg, 490mm
  • 700N/70kg, 490mm

And then also in different colors such as black, white and silver. The possibilities are enormous.

What does the N stand for in the type designation of the gas spring?

The N is Newton and stands for the unit of force. The unit Newton is defined as the force that gives a mass of 1 kilogram an acceleration of 1 meter per second². Here on earth, 1 kilogram experiences about 10 N (gravity) force. To see which one you need for your project, you can download the sheet with the models and dimensions of our gas springs HERE.

Frequently asked questions

What are gas springs?
A gas spring is a cylinder with a piston. The cylinder contains nitrogen, which is compressed and thus provides the resilient effect of a gas spring. The movement is damped by a valve in the piston. It is a good aid to let something close or open easily, without causing a hard blow.

How should you mount gas springs?
For cupboards, doors and flaps, one gas spring is generally sufficient. When mounting a gas spring, it is important that the open and closed position of the cabinet or door is taken into account. Also the different degrees of angles that are desired when opening. A gas spring can be mounted on a wooden or metal surface. Furthermore, the mounting of the gas spring is very simple, when a suitable mounting set is used.

Which gas spring do I need?
The gas spring must connect at the desired distance from the open and closed situation of the cabinet, flap or door. The length of the gas spring must therefore be taken into account here. Gas springs also have a certain force (newton), the more newton, the more force. How much force the gas spring should need depends on the use of the gas spring.