The pipettes from our shop can be used in different ways. They can be used by professionals in laboratories for, for example, microbiological research or in the chemical industry, but they are also particularly suitable for use at home. For example, they can be used when filling electronic cigarettes with e-liquid and are used by hobbyists to mix paint pigments very precisely. There are dozens of other areas of application for these pipettes. Read more...

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Pipettes in the chemistry classroom

We remember pipettes from chemistry class secondary school, where liquids had to be added very precisely to a solution during practical lessons. Schools can therefore work well with the pipettes from our range. But pipettes are not only used during chemistry education, pipettes are also indispensable in daily practice in laboratories, for example when adding a reactant in a test set-up. Sometimes these pipettes have to meet specific requirements, but that is not always the case. In the latter case, the pipettes from our range are an excellent choice.

Using pipettes as a hobby

The great advantage of pipettes is that they can be used to dose very precise amounts of liquid. This makes them suitable for laboratory use, but there are also many applications of pipettes in the hobby sphere. For example, when mixing liquid pigments, artists sometimes use pipettes in order to repeatedly achieve the same color. Because our eye is a precision instrument, small shades of color are immediately noticeable. But e-cigarette users also use pipettes when filling their e-cigarettes.

Pipettes for composing perfumes

In addition, pipettes are used in the composition of perfumes and eau de toilettes, both by professionals and hobbyists. This is a very precise job, because perfumes are often built up from many different, sometimes expensive ingredients. A little more or a little less of a fragrance ingredient can have serious consequences. Thus, the smell can take on a completely different character due to such an error. Despite the fact that the pipettes are reusable, pipettes used for this will usually not be used repeatedly. For fear that odor residues in the pipette will contaminate the fragrance to be composed.