• <p>The pipettes from our shop can be used in different ways. They can be used by professionals in laboratories for, for example, microbiological research or in the chemical industry, but they are also particularly suitable for use at home. For example, they can be used when filling electronic cigarettes with e-liquid and are used by hobbyists to mix paint pigments very precisely. There are dozens of other areas of application for these pipettes.##</p> <h2>Pipettes in the chemistry classroom</h2> <p>We remember pipettes from chemistry class secondary school, where liquids had to be added very precisely to a solution during practical lessons. Schools can therefore work well with the pipettes from our range. But pipettes are not only used during chemistry education, pipettes are also indispensable in daily practice in laboratories, for example when adding a reactant in a test set-up. Sometimes these pipettes have to meet specific requirements, but that is not always the case. In the latter case, the pipettes from our range are an excellent choice.</p> <h2>Using pipettes as a hobby</h2> <p>The great advantage of pipettes is that they can be used to dose very precise amounts of liquid. This makes them suitable for laboratory use, but there are also many applications of pipettes in the hobby sphere. For example, when mixing liquid pigments, artists sometimes use pipettes in order to repeatedly achieve the same color. Because our eye is a precision instrument, small shades of color are immediately noticeable. But e-cigarette users also use pipettes when filling their e-cigarettes.</p> <h2>Pipettes for composing perfumes</h2> <p>In addition, pipettes are used in the composition of perfumes and eau de toilettes, both by professionals and hobbyists. This is a very precise job, because perfumes are often built up from many different, sometimes expensive ingredients. A little more or a little less of a fragrance ingredient can have serious consequences. Thus, the smell can take on a completely different character due to such an error. Despite the fact that the pipettes are reusable, pipettes used for this will usually not be used repeatedly. For fear that odor residues in the pipette will contaminate the fragrance to be composed.</p>
  • <p>For seriously accurate and precise work in your hobby or work, you are looking for syringes with which you can dose exactly. You want to know exactly how many ml is being injected. Our syringes are perfectly suitable for sucking up and dosing water, paint or for oil or other chemical liquids. The dosing syringes are designed for multiple use. You can accurately mix paint with it, making them extremely useful for your hobby or work. Consider, for example, the dosed addition of certain liquids to your aquarium. The Wood, Tools &amp; Deco dosing syringes are of high quality. The transparent housing with the smart graduation ensures that the amount of the liquid can be read perfectly. Suitable for enthusiasts and professionals. ##</p> <h2>Universal dosing syringes</h2> <p>Our dosing syringes are all equipped with a universal Luer connection. The syringes have a flexible plunger for accurate dosing, an eccentric cone and a clear graduation in ml. A dosing syringe is many times more accurate than a dosing cap and easier to handle. Taking samples of liquids, for example to determine the water quality of your pond or aquarium, can also be perfectly achieved with the dosing syringes. The material of the syringes does not affect the water quality and the syringes are individually and sterile packaged.</p> <h2>Use dosing syringes for your hobby</h2> <p>When it is all about sucking up and injecting exact amounts of fluids use syringes from Wood, Tools &amp; Deco. Dosing syringes are widely used in electronics, model making, jewelry making and various other crafts.</p> <h2>Which dosing syringe do you need?</h2> <p>Dosing syringes are available in various sizes, thicknesses and materials. Below is an overview of the options:</p> <ul> <li>2 ml - transparent / blue - per 100 pieces</li> <li>5 ml - transparent / blue - per 100 pieces</li> <li>10 ml - transparent / blue - per 100 pieces</li> <li>20 ml - transparent / blue - per 50 pieces</li> <li>20 ml - transparent / white - per 50 pieces</li> <li>50 ml - transparent / white - per 10 pieces</li> </ul> <p>With a small syringe of for example 2 ml you can build up more pressure than with a syringe with a capacity of 10 ml. Good to know, because pressure is force per surface. Because you apply equal pressure on a smaller surface, the liquid will come out with more force.</p> <h2>Dispensing syringes with Luer-lock</h2> <p>The smaller your object, the smaller the syringe. All Wood, Tools &amp; Deco dosing syringes are suitable for many uses. The syringes all have a universal Luer connection. This Luer connection, or Luer lock, is a worldwide standardized system and creates a leak-proof connection between two parts to be connected together. This is mainly found in medical instruments and in laboratory use. Very important if you don't want to mess with your paint or other chemical liquid. In addition, the dosing syringes have a flexible plunger for accurate dosing, an eccentric cone and a graduation in milliliters (ml).</p>
  • <p><strong>Funnels</strong> are everywhere. Funnels are used not only at home in the kitchen and in the shed, but also in many workplaces in our country, such as garages, factories and laboratories, for the hassle-free transfer of liquids from one container to another. Furthermore, it is essential that funnels are made of non-corrosive material so that the liquid is not contaminated during the transfer.##</p> <h2>Funnels as a home-garden-and-kitchen tool</h2> <p>A funnel really is a home-garden-and-kitchen tool, a house without even a single funnel is almost unimaginable. That goes without saying, because funnels are extremely useful. This appears, for example, if an attempt is made to transfer a liquid without using a funnel, in most cases this ends in a mess.</p> <p>By the way, funnels can also be used for pouring dry substances. Just think of flour, marbles, peas and or even nails.</p> <h2>Funnels made of non-corrosive material</h2> <p>The funnels above are made of non-corrosive materials, which are materials that do not react with liquids. This keeps the liquid you pour over clean and there is no risk of contamination of the liquid. In addition, the clever choice of materials makes it easy to clean the funnels after use.</p> <h2>Creative applications</h2> <p>Funnels can of course also be used in many different ways. For example, you can nail a funnel to the wall at the eye, with the point downwards. If you place a ball of wool or garden wire in the top of the funnel and pull the strand of the rope through the spout of the funnel, you have an economical rope dispenser.</p> <p>Around Christmas, funnels stacked upside down are painted or sprayed green and voilà, you have created a Christmas tree.</p> <p>In summer you can quickly transform a funnel into a flower pot by hanging a large plastic funnel from the eye and filling it with potting soil. This is especially perfect for succulents and other drought-loving plants, because thanks to the spout, the excess water does not remain in the flower pot.</p> <p>Finally, funnels allow you to easily turn funnels into eye-catching lamps. Pull the electrical wire through the spout in the inverted funnel and connect a lamp socket and the lamp is ready. All you have to do is give the funnel an attractive appearance and you have a functional lamp with a downward directed light beam for little money.</p> <p>Truly, the uses of funnels are virtually endless.</p>
  • <p>For many different jobs you would need a measuring cup. When baking a delicious apple pie or when precisely dosing a certain liquid. We also offer measuring cups that you can take with you on a trip. These can be folded into a flat disk that you hang on your key ring. There is a measuring cup available for every purpose. You can order different models and volumes from the standard range of Wood, Tools &amp; Deco online. There is also plenty of choice in terms of materials: plastic, metal, PP, stainless steel and plastic. ##</p> <h2>What do you need the small measuring cups for?</h2> <p>Soon you will have a big party. It will be a fun party outside in the garden with a fantastic party tent where all kinds of delicious snacks and drinks are ready to get the people in a festive mood. For that occasion you are looking for small stainless steel cups in which mini cocktails can be served. In this case the set of 20 stainless steel cups of 30 ml is perfectly suitable. Of course you may also be looking for measuring cups for administering the daily amount of precisely measured liquid. Then the sets of 60 mini plastic measuring cups with a capacity of 30 ml with clear graduations for accurate dosing and which you can use several times are an excellent choice.</p> <h2>The options</h2> <p>At Wood, Tools &amp; Deco you have the following options:</p> <ul> <li>30 ml, graduated, transparent plastic</li> <li>30 ml, without graduation, stainless steel</li> <li>30 ml, graduated, transparent polypropylene</li> <li>30 ml, without graduation, stainless steel with leather pouch</li> <li>44 ml, without graduation, stainless steel</li> <li>50 ml, graduated, PP plastic with spout</li> <li>75 ml, without graduation, stainless steel, collapsible</li> <li>100 ml, graduated, PP plastic with spout</li> <li>170 ml, without graduation, stainless steel with leather pouch</li> <li>250 ml, graduated, PP plastic with spout</li> <li>500 ml, without graduation, stainless steel</li> </ul> <h2>Material</h2> <p>Different materials have different uses. Measuring cups made of polypropylene are virtually unbreakable and resistant to all kinds of products. The volume is clearly visible due to the transparent material. The stainless steel measuring cups are often used in the catering industry or at home parties. The PP plastic cups are ideal for your hobby. You can store, mix, pour and keep all kinds of materials in it.</p> <h2>Multipurpose</h2> <p>The small measuring cups made of different materials are multifunctional. Very suitable for people who have to take a special powder dosage daily or who have to take a certain small amount of liquid each time.</p>
  • <p>Test tubes can be used for all kinds of purposes. You can perform various experiments with it, make flower vases and store various small things, including paint. Test tubes are also widely used to store small items, such as very small beads, screws, drill bits or colored sand. Some tubes have a simple size indication such as a line at 5 ml and 10 ml and have a label or sticker to write down what's inside.##</p> <h2>Use the test tubes for your party!</h2> <p>Nowadays it is great fun to fill test tubes with fun items. For example, serve test tubes filled with coffee during your wedding. Or at your daughter's children's party, handing out plastic test tubes filled with candy to the other children. The tubes are ideal for use at weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, family parties and anniversaries. You can add a little champagne or a splash of espresso, mulled wine or fill it with old-fashioned sweets. And if you're all about DIY, decorating test tubes for the Christmas tree is a lot of fun! Fill a third with small polystyrene beads that act like snow and put a mini Christmas tree in it. A nice card with a red string on it and then hang it in the Christmas tree. Very nice! Fill the tubes with small candies for a cute treat and add a sweet note or invitation. You can also roll up money and put it in the test tube as a pleasant surprise as a present for your friend's birthday.</p> <h2>Material</h2> <p>The plastic test tubes from Wood, Tools &amp; Deco are made of polystyrene, plastic and are all transparent. They are suitable for laboratory work, for experiments and for storage, decoration and for tinkering. So also very suitable for your hobby. You can store anything in it. Small gravel for your miniature railway yard. In your miniature village. The test tubes come with a colored screw cap, so you can close them perfectly. The content differs from 1.8 ml to 10 ml. Available now:</p> <ul> <li>Set of 100 plastic, transparent test tubes with a volume of 1.8 ml, fitted with a screw cap.</li> <li>Set of 100 plastic, transparent test tubes with a capacity of 5 ml, fitted with a screw cap.</li> <li>Set of 100 plastic, transparent test tubes with a capacity of 10 ml, including white screw cap.</li> </ul> <h2>Endless possibilities!</h2> <p>With the plastic test tubes from Wood, Tools &amp; Deco you have endless fun and useful options at your fingertips. You can also add bath salts to make the best gifts for a special get-together. Make a different tube with colored fragrance oil for everyone. Or give your partner a funny try-out of the new type of tea you've just discovered. Add small shredded dried flowers and give them as a colorful gift to your customers at your flower kiosk. Seeds can be put in by you, after which you give the filled tube to the members of the vegetable garden complex after the annual general meeting. As you can see, there are endless possibilities with these handy transparent plastic test tubes.</p>

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