Test tubes

Test tubes can be used for all kinds of purposes. You can perform various experiments with it, make flower vases and store various small things, including paint. Test tubes are also widely used to store small items, such as very small beads, screws, drill bits or colored sand. Some tubes have a simple size indication such as a line at 5 ml and 10 ml and have a label or sticker to write down what's inside. Read more...

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Use the test tubes for your party!

Nowadays it is great fun to fill test tubes with fun items. For example, serve test tubes filled with coffee during your wedding. Or at your daughter's children's party, handing out plastic test tubes filled with candy to the other children. The tubes are ideal for use at weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, family parties and anniversaries. You can add a little champagne or a splash of espresso, mulled wine or fill it with old-fashioned sweets. And if you're all about DIY, decorating test tubes for the Christmas tree is a lot of fun! Fill a third with small polystyrene beads that act like snow and put a mini Christmas tree in it. A nice card with a red string on it and then hang it in the Christmas tree. Very nice! Fill the tubes with small candies for a cute treat and add a sweet note or invitation. You can also roll up money and put it in the test tube as a pleasant surprise as a present for your friend's birthday.


The plastic test tubes from Wood, Tools & Deco are made of polystyrene, plastic and are all transparent. They are suitable for laboratory work, for experiments and for storage, decoration and for tinkering. So also very suitable for your hobby. You can store anything in it. Small gravel for your miniature railway yard. In your miniature village. The test tubes come with a colored screw cap, so you can close them perfectly. The content differs from 1.8 ml to 10 ml. Available now:

  • Set of 100 plastic, transparent test tubes with a volume of 1.8 ml, fitted with a screw cap.
  • Set of 100 plastic, transparent test tubes with a capacity of 5 ml, fitted with a screw cap.
  • Set of 100 plastic, transparent test tubes with a capacity of 10 ml, including white screw cap.

Endless possibilities!

With the plastic test tubes from Wood, Tools & Deco you have endless fun and useful options at your fingertips. You can also add bath salts to make the best gifts for a special get-together. Make a different tube with colored fragrance oil for everyone. Or give your partner a funny try-out of the new type of tea you've just discovered. Add small shredded dried flowers and give them as a colorful gift to your customers at your flower kiosk. Seeds can be put in by you, after which you give the filled tube to the members of the vegetable garden complex after the annual general meeting. As you can see, there are endless possibilities with these handy transparent plastic test tubes.