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Drilling machines and cordless drills are indispensable for jobs in and around the house. Whether it concerns hanging a painting or family photo, assembling a cupboard or building a (garden) house, without a drilling machine it will be a difficult job, but just a drilling machine and a set of drills is not enough for these jobs. To be able to use your drill in all situations, you need a number of accessories, such as the drill accessories below. Read more...

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Useful drilling accessories: depth rings

Depths are mainly used when drilling in relatively thin walls. With these rings on your drill you can easily and precisely indicate how deep you want to drill. How does it work? Very simple, you turn a ring on your drill and you drill so deep until the ring touches the wall and then you stop. With this relatively simple drilling aid you prevent that you drill too deep or that you do not drill deep enough.

Center points or dowels for an optimal drilling result

Another useful tool for drilling is our center points or dowels. You use this to make a hole in the substrate in which to drill, such as wood, metal and stone. By placing the drill tip in this well, you will reduce the chance of your drill slipping while drilling. You are assured of an optimal drilling result, especially if you use a center point with approximately the same size as the drill point.

Drilling around a corner

Drilling around a corner? It is a joke often heard among handymen and professional builders. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it really is possible with the angle attachment from our range of drilling accessories. Thanks to an ingenious design, you can actually drill around a corner. Extremely useful if you have limited space.

Many more drilling accessories

In our range of drilling accessories you will also find the indispensable chuck keys for quickly changing a used drill or bit. Of course, chuck keys are included with the drills themselves, but it is easy to lose them, especially on more extensive jobs, where several handymen bring their own drills.