Thanks to batteries, we are independent of our location and we are able to use appliances and lighting everywhere. Due to the availability of batteries, more and more fun, interesting and useful applications are becoming available, both indoors and outdoors. Do you have a creative idea for which you need batteries? With us you will find batteries for almost every hobby or profession. One of the advantages of ordering them here is that you can have them at home tomorrow. Read more...

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Batteries and the environment

Batteries are handy, but also environmentally harmful. Especially when batteries end up in the environment, they are extremely harmful. The heavy metals in the batteries can eventually lead to health damage for humans and animals. That is why it is important to separate batteries after use. Then they are almost completely recycled. This saves raw materials, energy and ultimately you also help the environment. In addition to various types of batteries at favorable prices, you will also find battery testers and an LCD multimeter above.

Battery testers

In almost every home there is a special place where batteries are kept. Very practical, because that way you know where to go when you need batteries. The question is, of course, how old are the batteries that are stored there, because batteries from the store that are still in the packaging can also be empty. You can then try them out one by one in the device, but it is even more convenient to test them with a battery tester. You can't beat it for the price. In our range you will find various handy battery testers. Think about which batteries you want to test and choose the corresponding tester! Because usually you need a different battery tester for small button batteries that are used in, for example, hearing aids, watches and kitchen scales than for larger batteries.

LCD Multimeter

If you ever work with electrical wiring in the house, this multimeter is an indispensable accessory. The device is perfect for quickly reading which wire is live and you can also find out how each electrical wire runs thanks to the resistance meter option. In addition, this multimeter is small and light, making it easy to take it anywhere.