Extra long wood drills

Standard drills are about ten centimeters long, but sometimes that's just not long enough. For example, when making garden constructions, such as berceaus, pergolas, garden furniture or verandas, where strong connections are required, it is important that holes are drilled right through wooden beams, which is not possible with standard length wood drills. Then you need the extra long wood drills from our assortment. Read more...

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Extra long wood drills in our assortment

On this page you will find various extra long wood drills. These wood drills have a length of 300 mm, which is almost three times longer than normal wood drills, especially for the professional and the experienced handyman who does a lot of work with wood.

Our range contains extra long wood drills with different diameters , ranging from four millimeters to twelve millimeters. Or are you looking for extra long wood drills with different diameters? You will also find these in our range.

Extra long wood drill bits for wooden constructions

Admittedly, in most cases a standard length drill is sufficient. Certainly with wood drilling, the best-known application is the pre-drilling of holes, to make it easier to screw into the wood. But for handymen who spend a lot of time in the garden, a wood drill with such a standard length is often not enough. After all, garden furniture and other garden constructions are usually more robustly constructed than indoor furniture, to withstand our climate and to prevent them from hitting the ground with every gust of wind.

One of the examples where an extra-long wood drill works well. comes in handy is assembling a garden table made of sturdy, sawn planks. Often the legs of such a garden table are placed crosswise against each other and a threaded end comes right through the legs. To do this, you must first drill a hole through both legs. Then you put the threaded end through it and finally you ensure a connection that can withstand a knock with bolts on both sides.

It is also customary when attaching the planks for the table or for the seating planks. drilling through the planks and inserting a bolt through the hole from above and tightening it from below with a nut.

In short, extra long wood drills are indispensable for garden handymen and wood professionals.