FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Shipment & Delivery
What is the status of my return shipment?

If you have correctly completed, printed and sent our return form with your return shipment, the return will be handled automatically after a maximum of 14 days. If this is not the case, then probably something went wrong. In that case you can contact us via the contact form.

How can I return my order?

You can return an order to us by returning the products within 14 days of receipt. You can find all information about this on our return page: click here.

What is your delivery time?

We can only talk about shipping times. We do the shipping, the carriers do the delivery (PostNL, DHL, GLS, Bpost, Fedex and the like). All paid orders are packed with us throughout the day and picked up several times a day by the carriers. Delivery will usually take place the day after (for Dutch and Belgian delivery addresses). The rest of Europe takes a little longer: usually 2 to 4 days.

I have not received a confirmation or tracking code

Our system sends a confirmation after creating a customer account and after placing an order. As soon as the order has been shipped or is ready for collection, a confirmation will also follow, including tracking information. This confirmation is sent via email to the email address as specified by the customer. In 95% of the cases where people indicate that they have not received a confirmation, this appears to be because the correct email address has not been provided, for example customer@hotmail.coN instead of customer@hotmail.coM or because the mail has arrived in the spam folder . So we ask our customers to check if this is the case before contacting us.

About the gas springs, which do I need for my specific situation and is there a manual available?

Our gas springs are a real do-it-yourself product. They are usually used to open a lid on a box or hatch more easily. Do not start without the necessary experience with DIY jobs! All available information about our gas springs can be found on the relevant product page. Regarding the choice of the gas spring, it usually comes down to figuring out (for example through the use of a scale) how much force is needed to lift the lid at the point where the gas spring will be mounted. For example, a 250N gas spring can lift 25 kg. The lid must of course remain open and not fall down, so with 25 kg weight a 350N gas spring will probably be the better choice.

Unfortunately, we do not advise customers further on the required strength and installation methods of gas springs. It is very dependent on the specific situation. There are however online installation videos and calculation modules everywhere on the internet.

We have a document available that shows all the gas springs we sell, please have a look: wtd_gassprings.pdf

The purchased gas springs (350N or 700N) cannot be pressed, is there a lock or are they broken?

All our gas springs are pre-tested so it is unlikely that they are broken. There is no lock or anything like that so they can be pressed immediately. However, the 350N and especially the 700N gas springs are very strong and many people sometimes underestimate that. Because of the novelty, it may be a bit stiff at first and you often have to push twice as hard on the first press as would be expected. So on 1 gas spring of 700N, 140 kg (1400N) may be needed for a short time to press it, then just the 700N (70 kg) that is expected.

Is it possible to pay afterwards (after delivery)?

For administrative reasons, we require all orders to be paid before shipping. You can choose the Klarna payment method at checkout. With Klarna we are paid immediately and the customer can only pay after delivery. In addition, if it concerns larger amounts, it is possible for companies to pay 50% in advance and 50% afterwards.

Can I order a different quantity of a certain product than a set contains?

First, this is only possible with products that are stored separate in our warehouse, for example chair leg caps. In addition, the number of pieces you want to order must also be higher than there is in a set. If you want 24 pieces but there are 20 in a set, that is possible. It is best to send us a message for more information.