Door stoppers & Dampers

Our door stoppers and dampers act as a buffer between, for example, doors and walls. They protect doors, cabinets, other furniture and walls against possible damage. No more noise from slamming doors. Read more...

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The various door stoppers, door stops and dampers at Wood, Tools & Deco

Door stoppers and dampers can be divided into the following subcategories:

  • Rubber caps that act as a buffer or damper
  • Magnetic snappers
  • Construction door dampers with screws
  • Door wedges
  • Simple rubber door stoppers
  • Magnetic locks
  • Wall mounted door stoppers
  • Children's doorstops
  • Robust door stoppers made of stainless steel and rubber

Magnetic snap fasteners enable opening and closing of cabinet doors without handles or knobs. This way you can create a sleek look in your kitchen and give a modern look to your wall unit in the living room. By means of a spring in the pin and a magnet on the end of the snapper, kitchen cabinet doors experience a certain counter pressure and spring during opening and closing. To be mounted in new as well as in existing and old cabinets.

Noiseless closing of cabinets

From now on, you can secure the garden door in peace with a robust door stopper and enjoy your cup of tea in the living room, without having to be startled by the loud bang of that door slamming shut. This is in fact well secured with a heavy rubber wedge. Even when you are tidying up your dishes and putting them in the kitchen cupboards, you will no longer be annoyed by loud noises from accidentally closing the cupboard doors too hard. Kitchen drawers close silently in the future and the doors and drawers of your sideboard in the living room close softly and effortlessly.

Different materials

The Wood, Tools & Deco door stoppers & dampers can be ordered in different materials. Rubber, plastic, foam, steel or stainless steel. For your children and grandchildren you can order special foam children's door stoppers online. They prevent small children from hurting their delicate fingers when the door closes. The door cannot close completely because it is stopped by the foam door stopper. The funny door stopper is available in many colors and is easy to clamp on one side of the door. We offer door dampers that can be glued or screwed, all in all the right solution can be found for every problem.