When you need DC voltage for a device, you can use an adapter to convert the AC power from the wall socket to DC voltage. It is essential that such an adapter is safe. Because when converting from alternating current to direct current, an excessive amount of heat can be generated if incorrectly applied. It will not be the first time that an incorrectly applied adapter has caused a fire. Below you will find a number of secure adapters that can be used flexibly. Read more...

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Direct Current

Many devices, especially in the car, caravan and motorhome, but also on pleasure boats, work on a DC voltage of 12 Volts. Direct current (DC) is a safe and simple form of electricity. It can be easily generated with a battery. The voltage level of 12 Volt was not chosen by chance, because such a low voltage is relatively safe. An accident with this voltage is usually not fatal, as long as the capacity of the battery is not too high. Although this will be little comfort for anyone who has accidentally touched the red clamp of the battery charger with one hand while the other hand touched the body.

Alternating current

Alternate Current (AC), on the other hand, is very suitable for transferring power and is also excellent for transporting over longer distances. That is why most home-garden-and-kitchen electrical appliances operate on AC power from the wall socket.

Two separate worlds

In general, we usually find direct current in mobile applications such as in cars, boats and RVs and we find alternating current in homes, offices and factories. They are really two separate worlds, but sometimes the world of direct current and the world of alternating current meet and alternating current from the wall outlet must be converted to direct current. For example if you want to use equipment from a car or caravan at home. Then it is nice if you can rely on our safe and reliable adapters. In addition to our safe and flexible adapters, our range also includes dimmers that are ideally suited for dimming lamps, but also a separate plug with a safety light that you can connect to an electrical device yourself.