Magnet hooks

A magnetic hook is a hook with a strong magnet at the bottom. You can use this to hang something on. For example, hanging a tea towel in the kitchen. But also ideal for hanging a towel in the bathroom. Some suitable places for installation are doors, cupboards, ceilings and work tables. Read more...

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What are magnetic hooks made of?

The product consists of two parts. The hook itself is made entirely of iron. A magnet is attached to the bottom of the hook. This sticks best to metal. Not all metals are magnetic. Iron and Nickel, for example, are, but aluminium, copper and lead, for example, are not.

Where and how to use?

What makes this product so special? It is special because it can be used in many places. It is not only used in the kitchen or bathroom, but it is also extremely suitable for the shed, the attic or other places in the house. Excellent to use, for example, to hang work clothes or other work tools in the shed. It is also suitable for hanging all keys, for example.

Magnet hooks are easy to assemble

A magnetic hook is very easy to assemble. Places in the kitchen? Simply place it on or under a metal surface, in the position that best suits the kitchen. Fortunately, you do not need to drill or glue for this and no additional tools are required. There are also no sticky residue or scratches on the furniture. The magnetic hook is also easy to disassemble. Ideal if, for example, it is not hanging in the right position or needs to be moved.

Different types and sizes

We offer different types of magnetic hooks. The main difference between the hooks is the weight that the hook can carry. There are hooks for light items, but there are also hooks for heavy items. Our strongest hook can carry up to a maximum of 55 kilos. So there really could be something to this. We also offer different types of sets. Ideal for when they want to be used in multiple places. Ordering a set also saves a lot in price. Do you have any questions or comments about this product? Feel free to contact us.