• <p>Nice aluminum clothes hooks or trendy wooden clothes hangers, vintage metals or sleek and ultramodern golden wall hooks? Of course all meant for hanging up your coat, or keeping the wool scarf handy when it's cold outside. The wall hooks are strong and can easily carry the weight of your handbag or a thick winter coat. The hooks can all be easily attached to the wall in the hallway, to a cupboard or to a door. The handy coat racks come complete with plugs and screws so that you can quickly hang your things on them. Wer offer a large number of varieties.##</p> <h2>Coat racks</h2> <p>The clothes hooks are available online in various materials:</p> <ul> <li>Wood</li> <li>Aluminum</li> <li>Metal</li> </ul> <p>Moreover, these materials can be divided into various colors:</p> <ul> <li>Wood: ash, beech, walnut, mahogany and oak</li> <li>Aluminum: red, green, purple, black, light blue, dark blue, silver, bronze, orange and gold</li> <li>Metal: nickel, bronze, copper, black</li> </ul> <p>Our range of clothes hooks is particularly extensive and you will certainly find the desired wall hooks that you are looking for. Make your hall more cheerful and tidy with the handy clothes hooks from Wood, Tools &amp; Deco that you can easily attach to the wall yourself.</p> <h2>Wall hooks</h2> <p>The wall hooks which are used as a coat rack are intended to quickly and easily hang your coat, bag or tie. We sell the right coat rack for every interior. The different sizes of the brackets or hooks are also worth taking a closer look; we also have longer wooden wall hooks on which you can hang your hat. The handy, smaller wall hooks are perfectly suitable for hanging towels in the kitchen or bathroom.<br /><br /></p>
  • <p>So easy! Just stick a suction cup with a hook on the smooth tiles in the kitchen and you can neatly hang up your towel. The same goes for the tea towel and the glass towel. In the bathroom the use of a suction cup is useful for the bathrobe. In the nursery for those cute little clothes of your kids. In addition we offer rubber suction cups with a threaded end. These can be used on any smooth surface such as glass, ceramic, metal or plastic. This makes them suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom and office. The fine thing about suction cups is that they are easy to assemble without damaging the surface.##</p> <h2>The suction cups that we offer</h2> <ul> <li>Suction cups with plastic hook</li> <li>Suction cups with metal hook</li> <li>Suction cups with metal ring</li> <li>Suction cups with drawbar eye</li> <li>Suction cups with threaded end</li> <li>Suction cups with hole</li> <li>Double sided suction cups</li> </ul> <h2>Suitable for flat surfaces</h2> <p>Suction cups can be applied on any surface that is very smooth, think of glass, ceramic tiles, or metal. This makes them convenient to use in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and office. They are easy to install without damaging the surface. Of course, suction cups are not meant to fall down. The reason why this sometimes happens is almost always the same: the surface is not smooth enough so that air slowly creeps underneath.</p>
  • <p>Carabiners were originally used in activities such as climbing, sailing, hot air ballooning, in construction, white water rafting, dog leashes and acrobatics. These <b>carabiner hooks</b> are mainly made of iron, steel or aluminum. In recent years, another type of <b>carabiner</b> has become popular. A lightweight version, usually made out of aluminum. This type of carabiner is often colorful and is used as a key ring or connecting pieces of clothing and bags. The latter type is the carabiner we sell. This hook is not suitable for climbing mountains but it is suitable for other outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing and of course just as a key ring.<br />##</p> <h2>Workings of a carabiner</h2> <p>A carabiner, is easy to use, one part is hinged and the hook can therefore be easily opened by pushing on it with the thumb. Some hooks include a nut that can be used to secure the hinged portion for added security. The carabiner is very strong because a closing is made when the hook is 'closed'. Almost all carabiners have a spring so that the hinged part remains closed, except when pushed open.</p> <h2>Colorful sets</h2> <p>Our carabiners are sold in sets of 10. We have 3 colors of the plastic carabiners in stock. We stock 10 different colors of the metal types: light blue, red, light green, purple, yellow, dark blue, pink, black, orange and black/orange. In addition, we sell a mix set: a set consisting of 10 hooks in which all 10 colors are represented. It is possible to make your own combination of colors (with a minimum of 10 hooks in total), for this you will have to send us an email. Depending on our stock we can combine anything.</p> <h2>Fun facts</h2> <p>Otto Herzog, a German mountaineer who lived around the year 1900 had the nickname "Rambo" because he was always tinkering and kept hammering on all kinds of problems ("Rambo" is an abbreviation of the German word "Ramponieren", which means to hit and pound). At the time, the Munich Fire Department was equipped with pear-shaped steel links, and Rambo saw a possible application of these steel links in mountaineering. Otto Herzog then invented the carabiner. <br /><br /> The result was a hook specifically for climbing - a steel loop with a quick-opening section. This invention solved two problems: it greatly improved safety by eliminating the need to detach the climbing rope from the climber, and in addition the carabiner was faster to use, allowing Herzog and other climbers to push the limits of rock climbing and try more difficult, longer routes.</p>
  • <p>Screw hooks are extremely everyday objects, but no less useful for hanging paintings, photos and posters. In fact, screw hooks are indispensable for this. Drill a hole in the wall or ceiling, plug in, screw in screw hook and hang your painting, it's that easy. But there are many more situations where you can use screw hooks.##</p> <h2>Screw hooks to make the most of the space</h2> <p>The nice thing about screw hooks is that you find them everywhere. Of course when hanging paintings, photos and posters, but also when hanging lamps, pots with plants or for hanging coats. In the shed or garage you can also use the walls and ceiling with screw hooks to hang things up and thus make optimal use of the available space.</p> <h2>A lifetime supply of screw hooks</h2> <p>Indispensable for anyone who sometimes needs to hang something is our range of small screw hooks in a storage box. This storage box contains 302 different screw hooks and screw eyes. This is enough for most people to never have to buy screw hooks again. Moreover, with this range you are prepared for any hanging job. And if the box of one of the screw hook sizes is empty, you can simply buy new ones for that size and keep them in the box. In short, order this range, put it in your toolbox and you are always prepared. In addition, you will also find a storage box with 112 screw hooks and screw eyes in our range. A great choice if you only work in your own home and want to be prepared for anything.</p> <h2>With screw hooks you can store things above your head</h2> <p>In addition to the regular, small screw hooks in assortment boxes, we also supply specific screw hooks in special designs. We supply sets of large, red screw hooks with a length of 14.5 centimeters. These hooks have a red rubber coating so that the object you hang will not be scratched. Perfect for hanging bicycles or ladders from the ceiling of your shed or garage.</p> <h2>Clothes hooks for children</h2> <p>We also supply slightly smaller screw hooks, with a total length of 7 centimeters. These screw hooks are also provided with a rubber protective layer in the colors red, white, yellow and blue. These screw hooks can be used in the garage or shed for hanging tools, but they are also used indoors. For example, as clothes hooks in the hall on which children can hang their coats. This way you can make your own clothes hook for each child in his or her favorite color.</p>
  • <p>A magnetic hook is a hook with a strong magnet at the bottom. You can use this to hang something on. For example, hanging a tea towel in the kitchen. But also ideal for hanging a towel in the bathroom. Some suitable places for installation are doors, cupboards, ceilings and work tables.##<br /><br /></p> <h2>What are magnetic hooks made of?</h2> <p>The product consists of two parts. The hook itself is made entirely of iron. A magnet is attached to the bottom of the hook. This sticks best to metal. Not all metals are magnetic. Iron and Nickel, for example, are, but aluminium, copper and lead, for example, are not.</p> <h2>Where and how to use?</h2> <p>What makes this product so special? It is special because it can be used in many places. It is not only used in the kitchen or bathroom, but it is also extremely suitable for the shed, the attic or other places in the house. Excellent to use, for example, to hang work clothes or other work tools in the shed. It is also suitable for hanging all keys, for example.</p> <h2>Magnet hooks are easy to assemble</h2> <p>A magnetic hook is very <b>easy to assemble</b>. Places in the kitchen? Simply place it on or under a metal surface, in the position that best suits the kitchen. Fortunately, you do not need to drill or glue for this and no additional tools are required. There are also no sticky residue or scratches on the furniture. The magnetic hook is also easy to disassemble. Ideal if, for example, it is not hanging in the right position or needs to be moved.</p> <h2>Different types and sizes</h2> <p>We offer different types of magnetic hooks. The main difference between the hooks is the weight that the hook can carry. There are hooks for light items, but there are also hooks for heavy items. Our strongest hook can carry up to a maximum of 55 kilos. So there really could be something to this. We also offer different types of sets. Ideal for when they want to be used in multiple places. Ordering a set also saves a lot in price. Do you have any questions or comments about this product? Feel free to <a href="" class="mars-link">contact us</a>.</p>

Hangers & Hooks

Wall hangers and hooks are tools that are used to hang clothes and other household items on walls. These tools can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Wooden wall hangers and hooks are often used in traditional or rustic-style homes, and can add a natural and warm aesthetic to a space. Plastic wall hangers and hooks are often more affordable and lightweight than other materials, and are available in a wide range of colors and styles. Metal wall hangers and hooks are typically more durable and sturdy than other materials, and are often used in environments where items need to be hung securely, such as in a garage or workshop. Wall hangers and hooks are an essential tool for organizing and storing clothes and other household items, and can help to keep a home neat and clutter-free.

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