Box corners

Box corners protect the corners of a box from damage. Conversely, the rounded box corners help prevent a collision with the corner of a box resulting in nasty injuries. Especially with children at home, it is recommended to use box corners to round off sharp furniture corners. Read more...

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Inferior wood

In a sense, box corners are an anachronism, a phenomenon from earlier times when wood of inferior quality was often used in the manufacture of furniture and boxes. The box corners reinforced the box or furniture, so that it would be less likely to lose weight when forces were exerted on it. A well-known image is also the suitcases from earlier times that were provided with box corners to strengthen them during ship and train journeys. The suitcases from that time were often made of thin materials, to make them somewhat portable. The disadvantage of this use of light materials was that the suitcases fell apart rather quickly during the journey. By using box corners on the corners of the case, there was a reasonable chance that the case would survive the journey.

Potato boxes with box corners

Incidentally, today box corners are still used in practice, for instance in the boxes in which, for example, potatoes or onions are transported and stored. Such a potato crate often contains more than a hundred kilos of potatoes and by reinforcing the corners of such a crate with crate corners, the crate can withstand the forces exerted well.

Give furniture a facelift with box corners

Today, box corners are mainly used to give furniture and home accessories a facelift. Reinforcing the corners with box corners gives the furniture exactly the look we like so much. Of course, the objects we provide with box corners do not always have to be made of wood. Box corners also go well with furniture or objects covered with fabric. You will find various box corners in our range. For example, we supply beautifully crafted bronze box corners that can be nailed to smaller objects. These box corners have a size of 2.4 x 3.6 centimeters. In addition to the bronze, processed box corners, we also supply smooth box corners with a size of 2.5 x 2.5 centimeters in the colors gold, silver, bronze and black.