Set SDS plus chisels for stone, tiles and concrete

Set SDS plus chisels for stone, tiles and concrete
  • Set SDS plus chisels for stone, tiles and concrete
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This set is indispensable for demolition and renovation jobs.
They are chisels for working / demolishing stone, tiles and concrete.

What is included?

- Point chisel, length 250 mm
- Pointing chisel, length 250 mm
- Slotted chisel, length 250 mm
- Flat chisel, length 250 mm

A stone chisel is a tool used for working stone, tile or concrete. There are different types of stone chisels, such as pointed chisels, joinery chisels, and flat chisels. They are made of hard materials, such as steel, and are used for cutting, grinding, filing and hammering stone. Stone chisels have been commonly used in construction, monument restoration and stone working.

SDS plus is a standard for connecting drills and other electrically powered tools for drilling and chiseling in concrete and stone. The SDS-plus connection is an improved version of the original SDS connection, which offers more power and precision.

The name "SDS" stands for "Self-centering, self-securing, slotted drive system" and refers to the fact that the socket self-centers and locks into the drill.
The system is designed to hold the drill head in place even at high speeds and forces, keeping the drill hole straight and reducing wear on the drill.
The quick change system also makes it a lot more convenient to use.

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