• <p>Shelf connectors are widely used in furniture manufacturing, assembling kitchens and bathrooms and of course in the wood processing industry. The widespread use of these useful tools is not without reason. Because <em>shelf connectors</em> are cheap and easy to use. This makes them indispensable when creating solid connections between various wooden parts, such as planks and beams. Whether installing a kitchen or bathroom or fabricating furniture, shelf connectors are everywhere.##</p> <h2>Shelf connectors: effective, reliable and cheap</h2> <p>The Wood, Tools and Deco range should not be missing: plank connectors in all shapes and sizes. The regular plank connectors are available in two variants. The main variant is the metal strip bent at right angles to be screwed against the inside or the outside of corners of a wooden construction, with the aim of improving the strength of the construction. In addition to the angled plank connectors, there are also horizontal plank connectors that ensure that different planks that are installed behind each other are connected firmly, stably and perpendicularly. Both variants have the advantage that they are easy to process, effective and relatively cheap. For every do-it-yourselfer or professional who wants to install a kitchen or renovate a bathroom, plank connectors are indispensable when it comes to sturdy, stable and reliable constructions that will last for years without any problems.</p> <h2>Minifix cabinet connectors</h2> <p>In addition to the angled and horizontal shelf connectors, our range also includes the well-known minifix cabinet connectors. These clever shelf connectors owe their fame mainly to the ubiquitous IKEA cabinets, in which they are frequently used. The advantage of minifix cabinet connectors, also known as elegant eccentric cabinet connectors, for IKEA is that with these connectors it is a breeze for the customer to assemble a cabinet. Because mounting with minifix cabinet connectors is quick and easy. An additional advantage for IKEA is that the customer does not need to have an extensive toolbox to complete the assembly job. More than the installation manual and a simple Phillips screwdriver is enough. Because these <strong>minifix</strong> cabinet connectors are now available in our range, you can now also use this smart, innovative way to make connections during your woodworking job.</p>
  • <p>Get to work with neodymium magnets and make your own equipment! Go treasure hunt with our fantastic magnetic hooks or quickly hang important notes on the message board in your office with the whiteboard magnets from Wood, Tools &amp; Deco. Ordering rugged magnetic hooks online is easy in our well-organized webshop and you can quickly hang up your jacket, bag, bathrobe or robe neatly. The strong hooks made of neodymium and steel can also be placed under a metal surface. Cheerful emoticons fridge magnets with which you can stick cute bills or other cute writings on the fridge door. Or just for fun. In addition, our interesting range includes the very strong N35 NiCuNi neodymium magnets to replace other magnets or to use in your own project. These magnets have a special cylindrical shape.##</p> <h2>Demagnetize</h2> <p>How often does it happen that all kinds of metal objects get stuck to the tweezers or screwdriver? Those tweezers will have become magnetic for whatever reason. You want to remove that magnetic force? This can be done by demagnetizing it with a special demagnetizer. Without using electric current. So you can use all your tools without all kinds of screws, bolts, nuts or nails sticking to them.</p> <h2>Magnetic hooks in different sizes</h2> <p>You can use our magnetic hooks to hang different things from it by attaching it on or under a metal surface. You can also attach a rope to the hook and use it as a fishing rod to retrieve a lost key bunch from a well or any other metal object from somewhere. The hook magnets each have a certain pulling force and can lift and hold light to very heavy objects. Below the specifications:</p> <ul> <li>Size 1 - tensile force 0.75 kilo</li> <li>Size 2 - tensile force 1 kilo</li> <li>Size 3 - tensile force 2 kilos</li> <li>Size 4 - tensile force 3 kilo</li> <li>Size 5 - tensile force 8 kilos</li> <li>Size 6 - tensile force 11 kilos</li> <li>Size 7 - tensile force 14 kilos</li> <li>Size 8 - tensile force 23 kilos</li> <li>Size 9 - tensile force 27 kilos</li> <li>Size 10 - tensile force 38 kilos</li> <li>Size 11 - tensile force 55 kilos!</li> </ul> <h2>Kinds of magnets</h2> <p>Do you use magnets for your hobby, for your new exciting project to build your own equipment or to hang up an object? At Wood, Tools &amp; Deco a large number of magnets are available. Ordering magnets in our webshop is very easy. The overview below gives you a clear picture of which magnets we sell and what they are suitable for:</p> <ul> <li>Silver neodymium magnets for your hobby and building your own equipment</li> <li>Very strong cylinder magnets as a replacement and suitable for self-assembly</li> <li>Magnetic hooks to hang or fetch something</li> <li>Whiteboard magnets</li> <li>Refrigerator magnets</li> <li>Demagnetizers</li> </ul>
  • <p>This special nut, called both rampa nut and screw-in nut, has been developed to create a good fastening option in wood or in another soft material. The screw-in nut is hollow on the inside with a screw thread and on the outside with a coarse screw thread especially for wood. In other words, metric screw thread on the inside and wood thread on the outside. When you have pre-drilled the hole, you can easily screw the rampa nut into the side of a cupboard with an Allen key. In this way you have created a strong connection to screw in a threaded rod, a bolt or a metal screw. ##</p> <h2>Drill out first</h2> <p>The screw-in nut can be installed once you have drilled out the material where it should go. On one side of the rampa nut there is a hexagonal recess that allows you to screw the screw-in nut into the wood with an Allen key. By using an Allen key you are able to apply more pressure while still keeping the screw straight. In this way, the nut can easily be screwed into the notch without damaging the case.</p> <h2>When to use a screw-in nut?</h2> <p>If you are planning to place castors under a cupboard or table or to replace one wheel on your old office chair you could use screw-in nuts. Use an Allen key to place the rampa nut in the chair or table leg or under the cupboard where you first drilled a hole. You simply screw the thread of the new swivel wheel into the mounted screw-in nut. Note the thickness of the castor bolt. The Wood, Tools &amp; Deco ramps are available in:</p> <ul> <li>M4</li> <li>M5</li> <li>M6</li> <li>M8</li> <li>M10</li> </ul> <h2>Perfect for making fixings in soft material</h2> <p>Tightening a bolt in a chipboard cabinet? That could be a problem because the threaded rod does not get enough grip to be able to fix itself in the cabinet. Chipboard is too soft and crumbles when you try to screw a metal bolt into it. In this case, the screw-in nut is the perfect solution! Thanks to the coarse pitch on the outside, it easily turns in chipboard. Now you have created a good opportunity to fix the bolt. The rampa nut has metric screw thread on the inside. You can now easily mount drawer slides in the cupboard, place a clothes hook, a clothes rail or mount wheels under the cupboard.</p>


Fastening products are regularly needed. Think of suction cups with hooks for the towel in the kitchen or a few meters of velcro tape to apply mosquito nets in your bedroom window. At Wood, Tools & Deco you can easily order all kinds of different fasteners and fastening products online. Bolts and nuts, screws, clamps and ties, nails and pins, springs, plugs and shelf connectors. Hooks, eyes and rings, magnets, tape and glue, not to mention screw-in nuts. Read more...

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Of course, it depends on the job which fastener you need. To quickly create something that you can hang something on, such as a tea towel or a slightly heavier object, you can use a suction cup or a magnetic hook. There are hook magnets that can hold up to 55 kilos. You can easily tie a large bunch of wire together with tie wraps when you are doing jobs on the car. Tie wraps are also useful in the garden to tie branches together. Use velcro tape to place an insect screen and if you like to make your own treasure chests for the grandchildren, a large set of 2035 nails, screws, nuts and washers is very handy to have at home. When making jewelry yourself, the set of 240 hooks for jewelry and clothing in a box is perfect.

Glue, screw or clamp?

Nailing, hanging or drilling? It depends on what you are doing and what you need. If you have a problem with the slippery stairs where you are always afraid of slipping, buy 15 meters of anti-slip tape online and prevent slipping! 

What do you need?

Determine which fasteners you need based on the type of job. And whether it is for short or long term. Tape and wraps are for the quick handling while screws and nails are better suited for the long-term solution. Would you rather not drill or work with other tools? Then you can consider buying a suction cup or magnetic hook. The transparent rubber suction cups with a hook can be used to hang various items such as a tea towel or a towel. They can be used on any smooth surface such as glass, metal or plastic and are therefore suitable for the kitchen, bathroom, office or aquarium. They are easy to apply without damaging the surface. Have fun with your search in this category!