Set of 50 mm sanding pad, 100 discs (coarse), 2 adapters

Set of 50 mm sanding pad, 100 discs (coarse), 2 adapters
  • Set of 50 mm sanding pad, 100 discs (coarse), 2 adapters
  • Set of 50 mm sanding pad, 100 discs (coarse), 2 adapters
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This set of a sanding pad, 100 sanding discs and 2 adapters consists of 3 containers. The sanding discs from container 2 and container 3 can be placed on the sanding pad (hook and loop) in container 1.
This set is suitable for polishing and sanding various materials (wood, metal, stone, etc.) with all kinds of multiools and drills.

Container 1:

This is a 50 mm wide abrasive disc pad/holder for polishing and sanding, equipped with an M6 shaft, to be used in drilling machines (also dremel/proxxon and similar machines with 3 mm or 6 mm mounting using the supplied adapter). The disc is provided with velcro (hook and loop) so that round plates of abrasive paper can be placed on it.

Max 12000 RPM
Shaft: M6 and 3 mm, 6 mm

Container 2 and container 3 together:

This is a set of sanding discs (sanding paper) with a diameter of 50 mm suitable for all types of multitools and (mini) drilling machines. The discs are provided with hooks and loops so it will be usable with our 50 mm sanding pad.


20 pcs grit 40
20 pcs grit 80
20 pcs grit 120
20 pcs grit 180
20 pcs grit 240

Diameter: 50mm
Number of items per container: 50 pieces

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